Review & Interview: Dead Ship Sailing

During some down time, fix yourself a bourbon (...or a scotch, or a beer), settle into a nice cushy chair, grab your headphones and listen to Dead Ship Sailing. This band, man…this band is angsty. The lyrics are genius, although we’re still trying to define the intended meanings. It’s like reading dark poetry; where the words pledge allegiance to each and every listener.

Bananas, Bands, and Library Cards

Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker, and Doug Yule, members of the pioneering New York City art band The Velvet Underground, will be reuniting for a public appearance at the New York Public Library on December 8. The influential musicians will not be joining together for yet another band reformulation, but they will be key speakers in a panel discussion with rock journalist David Fricke to discuss their music and influence in the budding art scene that germinated from New York during the sixties.

The band forum, a part of the “LIVE from the NYPL” series, is a response to growing interest in the group by way of the release of the new book, The Velvet Underground: New York Art. The book contains a rare collection of handwritten music and lyrics by Reed, unseen performance photographs, underground press clippings, and posters and cover art by Andy Warhol, the group’s manager/producer during their early years.