Manly Essentials: 4 Skincare Products Every Guy Should Own


A woman’s makeup staple, concealer has bridged the gender divide and now men can take advantage of this ingenious product. Whether you’re a busy college student pulling an all nighter or a Wall Street trader with little time to sleep, concealer can help you avoid those unflattering under eye circles. Even if you do get a full night’s sleep, (tell us your secret, you weirdo) concealer should be a staple in every man’s medicine cabinet as it can cover up anything from a pesky zit to a cut while shaving. One of the best concealers on the market is the Evolution Man Conceal. Evolution Man is a men’s only beauty brand with a variety of products targeted towards men’s needs. Their range of products includes sunscreen, eye gel, and nail polishes (if you're willing to test out their nail polish check out other extreme trends you might be into).

Nivea's Million Moments of Touch Party with Dr. Drew, Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell

Nivea hosted a launch party last night for their 'Million Moments of Touch' campaign with speaker Dr. Drew, and special surpise guests Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell. (He'll always be Vern from Stand By Me to us!) The event was held on the 61st floor of the Empire State building in a massive, blue-lit loft space. The only thing more distracting than the free-for-all Nivea products and Rebecca Romijn's striking beauty, was the sprawling 180 degree view of the New York City skyline. The view was probably one of the most beautiful I've ever seen of the city.

Inside the Nivea Kiss of A Lifetime Launch Party

Nivea Unveils Launch of New Years Eve "Kiss of a Lifetime" Contest! New Years Eve is perhaps one of the most celebrated evenings in all of New York City and everyone knows that is the resource for the most detailed, up-to-the minute and sizzling-hot information regarding the hottest & hippest New Years celebrations and soirees. When I heard about this new interactive, exciting and romantic contest, I just had to share it with the 'Glam Damn It' readers. After all, this sparkling night is all about that magical kiss as the ball drops over the city that never sleeps (in addition, the prizes are quite amazing).

Lil Wayne Expecting Yet Another Child

Apparently, rapper Lil’ Wayne is really good at two things. First and foremost is music- the man makes hits hands down. The second is… getting the ladies prego. First it was the beautiful B-list actress Lauren London and now R & B singer (and ex-wife of producer/singer The Dream) Nivea. Wow.

After the media began hounding the actress, London confirmed her pregnancy almost a month ago by the rapper. And although Nivea’s pregnancy is not yet confirmed, Wayne has professed his love to Nivea on more than one occasion. I just can’t wait to see who else Wayne decides to impregnate this year.