Mixtape Monday: The Grammy Edition

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards have just about everyone in serious anticipation. From the recently revealed nominees, there were a few surprises, givens, and of course, scandals. But while we're making our predictions list before the show airs on February 10, we want to share some of our faves to remind us of what a year 2012 was for music!

1. M83- Midnight City (Eric Prdyz Private Mix)

2. No Doubt- Push and Shove (feat. Busy Signal, Major Lazer)

3. Fun.- We Are Young

4. Skrillex- Bangarang feat. Sirah

5. Kanye West- Mercy (feat. 2 Chainz, Pusha T, Big Sean)

6. Carly Rae Jepsen- Call Me Maybe

7. Nas- Daughters

Introducing a Little Mayhem

New artist come and go all the time in the music scene. Some lucky few make a dent, but most drift away as quietly as Sunday church. Hot new artist Madame Mayhem might just be unique, edgy, and certainly driven enough, to make one of those dents with her debut album coming out at the end of this month. Joonbug was fortunate enough to grab some time from her insanely busy schedule to sit down at the Satori lobby bar space of The Sanctuary Hotel and find out what exactly makes her so tantalizing.

Just what has inspired you to become an artist?

From the moment I was born, it's what I've always wanted to do. I began in musical theater as a little kid, so I had the ole Judy Garland obsession... I grew up listening to Nirvana and legends such as Steven Tyler and Ozzy Osbourne have also inspired me.

Just where exactly did you get the moniker Madame Mayhem?

I actually got the name from my mother. Mayhem and chaos just tends to follow me around. They started calling me that when I was little.

Who do you admire right now in the music business?

Right now I'd say P!nk, and will always have love for No Doubt

It's ironic you said P!nk, because if I had to pin your sound to another artist out there it would be her. Maybe more of a gothic P!nk...

Yeah, I'm like P!nk on crack, haha. It's weird because people will try and put me in a category based on what it sounds like (the record) and what I look like, but the record as a whole, doesn't have an answer for what it sounds like. It's a whole new concoction that you can't relate to everything else. It's a mix of every rock genre. There isn't a template from what my sound is based off of.

What's the first thing you will do the day your record comes out?

Go out and buy my own record. I want to have the official retail copy on my iTunes.

If you weren't a musician, what else do you think you would be doing right now?

Not being Mayhem isn't option. But, if there was anything else, acting has always fascinated me.

I can't unwind, I am just "wound." I honestly freak out during downtime. I constantly need to be with my music. If I have any downtime, I'd be writing.

So no other hobbies or interests at all?

I mean I have other things, I'm a hockey and soccer fan.

Who do you like in hockey?

I love Henrik Lundqvist, lets just say that. His hair stays set so perfectly. I don't care if girls think he is cute, I just want to know how his hair stays like that!

OK how about some fun questions, What's the last song in iPod right now?

Bodies by Drowning Pool. I was listening to it at the gym

What the song currently stuck in your head -

OK so I have to ask, what's with the glove?

I was at a music video shoot,spotted them, loved them, and had them custom made for my hands.

Ever whack anyone with them?

My guitarist unfortunately caught the wrong side of them once. It was an accident, I swear.

So your first single, "Addicted To You", who exactly is that song about?

That's the pop-song that won't die. It's not about anyone actually. Music is my only addiction. I'm consumed about it.

So Addicted to you is about the music business?

Exactly. There is no significant other to be writing about. Madame Mayhem is single. Wait, is there a better, cooler word for that?


Ehh, sounds too desperate.


I dunno, you are the writer.

I'll figure something out. So lets talk about your newest single.

It's a song about what has inspired you. It's just a gut wrenching song. It's about people in that place, when you have no where left to go and say to yourself WTF do I do now? Its about that moment.

It's a great song and I've watched the video it for it, which is very different. How was this put together?

We put together a lyric video like the ones you find that fans make in youtube videos. Love Love Films took my lyrics and incorporated artwork from the album to create a journey through the video. The concept really gives the vibe of the song better then seeing "my" face. We wanted to let the art to do the talking.

No Doubt Is Back! With a new tour and album in the works.

One everyone’s favorite ska super-groups, No Doubt plan to hit the road in 2009 while it finishes its first studio album in seven years. The announcement was made by the group via an instant message transcript that was posted onto the band’s official web site. Further details were not specified.

"I have cabin fever. Maybe we should play some shows or something," guitarist Tom Dumont wrote. Vocalist Gwen Stefani answered, "I think we should go out now. I don't think we should wait. Pack up the babies and get a bunch of nannies. So fun! Would be so inspiring to get out there and play all those songs again."