Bodega Santa Monica's New Spin on "Boxed" Wine

Booze it up after someone gets shot up. Everybody loves boxed wine, so imagine how much more delicious it is when served in a decommissioned Army ammunition case! That’s what’s going on at Bodega’s new “Boxstar Parties” starting this Wednesday.

The Santa Monica wine bar will start offering a limited selection that includes Dark Horse Pinot Noir, Thurston’s Oasis Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, and “Pineapple Express” Mendocino Sauvignon Blanc. Each container will have the bars logo branded onto the case ready to serve groups of 8-10.

The ammo cases each hold about four bottles, which also include a detailed index card so you and your pals and mull over the contents of each wine.

Bodega is inviting guests this Wednesday at 8pm to sample the new supply. So head on over!

DJ Mahogany Weekend Roundup

New York’s summer nightlife season is almost here and the "weekend" starting on Thursday, saw the debut of some new events. From what it seems, Thursday is the new start to the weekend!

Friday afternoon happy hours from 3pm until sunset, can be spent at Le Bain’s SELECT SUMMER FRIDAYS, located on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel overlooking the Hudson.

Pre-Screening Clubs Before You Leave The House

Worried about privacy incursion? Hiding from the government? You may want to steer clear of some San Francisco bars!

A new facial detection technology called SceneTap has been set up in a number of SF locations with hidden sensors that “discreetly record the age and gender of the people entering and leaving.”


The idea is that, when club goers want to know what the crowd is like before they head out,they can log into SceneTap to see a clubs male to female ratios, average age, and number of occupants. What you used to count on texts from friends for can now be attainable through modern technology.

The Problem with Awards: Nightlife's Sore Losers

In New York, restaurants, clubs, and lounges can be a very incestuous business. You’re likely to see the same names overlapping various venues and events because sociality is the name of the game.

Rivalry and bitterness can ensue when it comes to public recognition especially when it come to someone you've spent time mentoring. With any professional field comes a kudos event tailored toward those in that industry. The film industry has The Academy, the internet has The Webbys, and the food industry has the James Beard Foundation.

EMM Owners Co-Producing Nightlife Reality Show

EMM Group
owners Mark Burnbaum and Eugene Remm are now tackling reality television. The New York nightlife moguls don’t seem to mind putting more on their plate in addition to their various and successful enterprises such as Abe & Arthur’s, Catch NYC, Lexington Brass, SL, Tenjune and The Chandelier Room.

Birnbaum and Remm will be co-producing a series called “Kings of New York” with MTV Europe host, Tim Kash. The series will follow young New Yorkers as they pursue careers in modeling, fashion, promotion and other professions.

SoulCycle: New York Pedal Study has Opened Shop in West Hollywood

Spinning is a workout classic, but lets face it, it's tough to get into the "virtual" hills. And as much fun as it is to have some middle aged dude with a braid (this has been my experience), yelling at you to spin faster, sometimes you need a little pizzaz in your workout routine. SoulCycle is revolutionizing the game, by turning cycling into a full body workout. Through the use of their patented made-to-work routine SoulCyclers get to experience a core workout as well as an upper body one through the use of hand weights. During each session the best of the best staff instructs on how to safely tone your upper body while maintaining the perfect pedal stride. In some studios, customers are lucky enough to take SoulBand, a class using resistance bands that hang above the stationary bikes. I know this sounds like a scene out of a torture film, but trust us the only thing that is getting slashed are your love handles. The studios are a promising sanctuary of change, with inspiring instructors and candle lit Bike Rides, SoulCycle is also a mental refresher.

New York's People Who Don't Like People Drinking Problem

Are you a loud, obnoxious Meatpacking partier? If so, you may want to start keeping your voice down, your pants up, and your closed fists open. Sixth Precinct police have been patrolling the district due to a rise in complaints about noise, fights, and public urination.

Keeping with current trends, the Meatpacking District has become a highly known nightclub scene home to clubs that rumble the streets nestled underground like Gunbar or clubs that loudly parade on open rooftops like Provocateur, and neighbors aren’t joining in the fun.

What's Keeping These New Yorkers Up?

Ever hear of love at first sight? According to the NY Post, residents on West 30th in between Seventh and Eight avenues are seeing love alright, in the form of used condoms and other paraphernalia!

The soiled specimens are believed to be the traces of the patrons leaving Rebel NYC and Parlour Midtown, two clubs that are popular on the weekends.

From the comfort of their $95,000/month apartments, neighbors have convinced the local Community Board 5 to help request a no-parking zone during those specific nights of revelry.

Greenhouse Parties Naturally

It’s easy to forget that we share this planet with so many other people. Too often we act selfishly, hoarding over land, possessions, and money that we never realize how much we take from the Earth and never give back. Being eco-friendly requires some sacrifices but here, in New York, partying will not be surrendered.

Last Week, one of the City’s only, and most popular eco-friendly nightclubs, Greenhouse, helped celebrate Earth Week by hosting their “Greenhouse Gives Back” campaign. Each night from April 16th to the 22nd, proceeds were given to Global Green, Cans for a Cure, Prospect Park Alliance, American Cancer Society, Riverkeeper, Green Festival, and Plant a Billion Trees, each an environmental or health-based charity.

[VIDEO] Vice Mag Talks The Future of Nightlife

New York nightlife is a volatile industry, always on the look out for the next thing. You can rave about a club one week, but it may not even exist the next. With this video, Vice releases its second video installment serializing different aspects on the NYC party scene. Here, we listen to David Byrne, Peter Gatien, Amy Sacco and other pillars of nightlife talk about their experiences and predictions on the future of nightlife. You can watch the first part of the series, here, which focuses on club design.