Miley's Latest W Magazine Cover Leaked!

However, her latest W Magazine cover shows a softer side to Miley. Despite being nude, it's a more sultry and dreamy look, which is in stark contrast to her V Magazine photos with Mario Testino last year which featured a more punk-rock, edgy Miley.

The title for her latest cover is, "No Apologies. Miley Cyrus Laid Bare. By Ronan Farrow," and we could only assume what kind of article will be attached to these lucid photos.

She also looks like a young Madonna/Lady Gaga hybrid, but maybe that's just the blonde hair talking.

70 Year Old Geraldo Rivera Lets It All Hang Out

Nude selfies are not just for the young folks. This weekend, veteran talk show host, Geraldo Rivera, wanted to change the game. The 70 year old decided to show the twitterverse what he was working with by uploading a rather provocative photo of himself:

70 is the new 50. (Erica and family are going to be so pissed…but at my age…)

Erica is Rivera’s fifth wife, 32 years his junior; the couple tied the knot back in 2003. Mrs. Rivera was probably not too happy with her elderly husband.

Pucker Up

We already know oxblood an IT color of the season, so make sure you've got that hue, not only apparent your clothing collection and accessories, but in your make-up too! Exude Lipstick ($29) offers the perfect plum to complement any outfit and make you look damn hot from head to toe while sporting it. Already donning the oxblood in your ensemble and don't want to overdo it? Try pairing your dark hues with a simple nude lipstick to complete your look. You will look Fall-ready and fashionable. Check out these celebs who know exactly what we're talking about!

Emma Thompson Mistaken for a Nude Man

That’s a naked man...oh, no wait a sec!

While spending some time at her Scotland vacation home, actress Emma Thompson received a surprise call from the local police. The police had informed Emma that there was a naked male intruder seen running around her property.

As you may guess, the Nanny McPhee star was terrified to think that there was a crazy, nude man threatening the safety of her family. Her fear quickly turned to embarrassment when her daughter realized that it wasn’t man her neighbor had was her mother!!

In The Nude
Stars Release New Video

The Canadian indie-pop quintet, Stars (Soft Revolution), have released a video for their latest single, "Changes". Directed by Jaron Albertin, this journey through Toronto's Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre follows a nude woman running, dancing and exploring herself, physically and soulfully. reported lead singer Amy Millan saying, "This video is based around the idea of changes that we feel deeply and personally, but which also seem to bear the weight of the world." She continued, "The dancer's changes are strange and otherworldly. We watch as change is forced upon her, and how she learns to live through it, as fate demands."

The Latest Nude At The Met

Censorship in the land of wine, cheese, baguettes, berets, and great military prestige (that last bit is a lie, I’m sorry) is clearly influencing the legal system here in New York.

The French government is much more liberal with what they feel the general public is able to see and accept; granted this is hardly surprising with President Nicholas "bling bling" Sarkozy at the helm. Advertising campaigns have much more freedom to express themselves, and the French as a nation are more open about their bodies – topless bathing is not only accepted, it is promoted. However, sadly, the same is true for going ‘au naturel.' I leave that to your imagination.

Vanessa Hudgens Takes it Off

The already scandalous Vanessa Hudgens is causing another stir that will probably have her drop the Mickey Mouse ears once and for all. The High School Musical star will be starring in the film Sucker Punch, in which she will play a hooker. According to Hudgens, “I’m playing a character named Blondie and it’s set in a brothel in the 1950s, so there’s not a whole lot of clothes.”