It's Oyster Week!

Friday, September 20th, marks the start of a momentous occasion...the first day of New York Oyster Week! NYOW is a fun-filled celebrate of all things oyster. Oyster Week was founded by Kevin Joseph in order to celebrate the oyster and its role in the ecology, economy, and culture of our planet. Not many people know this, but oysters are good for more than just eating! NYOW works to raise awareness and funds for non-profits that work to protect and restore habitats in which oysters thrive. It's important to aide in oyster shell recovery, which helps with oyster reef restoration and the creation of new oyster beds, instead of throwing your shells into the trash. Additionally, our beloved city was actually built out of oysters! That's right, back in the day oysters were used as mortar and helped to build the amazing city we all know and love. So now it's time to give back to the creatures that we all hold dear to our, mouths, and celebrate our favorite bicuspid.