Review & Interview: Sol Cat

What's the story behind your name?

How did you all get your start?

Who are your biggest musical influences?

B: I think with us, it's just so far across the board that it goes back and forth a lot. I mean, we'll kind of write a song and we'll be like, “oh, this kind of has that vibe,” and then we'll write another one. It still sounds the same to us because we're doing it, but it's definitely pretty across the board. I know I kind of grew up with a lot of soul music, and so that was kind of like my staple. And John, he's from Texas, so he had a lot of country, and Jerry's from Saint Louis, so he likes…Nelly [laughs] so it’s kind of a real hodgepodge of a lot of separate genres. I feel like everything comes together with the idea that we just make music that we love. I realize that didn’t really answer your question, but…well.

Are you trying to get any certain message across with your music?

What’s next for you guys?