Joonbug Hosts First Annual Fashion Week Gala

Joonbug hosted its First Annual Fashion Week Gala for STYLE 360 with Elle Magazine and last Saturday night at the Capitale Ballroom in Manhattan's premier SoHo District. Live performances by Fabolous, Pras from the Fugees, Charles Hamilton, Josh Madden and O'Neal McKnight came together under a rainbow ceiling of rotating lights and attracted a star-studded crowd of over 1,500. An open bar from nine to eleven sparked an evening of VIP and fashion industry entertainment with a rotating array of DJ's between live sets.

O'neal Mcknight Steps Out for Fashion Week

O'neal Mcknight is no stranger to Joonbug parties. But this Saturday, Mcknight isn't just appearing as a performer - he's also making his debut on Joonbug's designer committee at our Fashion Week Gala event at Capitale. ReWash Jeans, his new denim label with a vintage twist, is reinventing the classics with a modern rock flair. Jessica Gomes, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Angela Martini, and Jaimie Hilfiger have all been spotted sporting the coveted new "jeans of the future," and we're sure that many more are soon to join in. In addition to promoting ReWash Jeans, Mcknight has been busy in the studio recording with Kid Cudi, Mr. Bently, and more! Make sure to check out his hot new tracks "Something Bout Tonight" ft. Mr. Bentley and "Speed of Light" ft. Kid Cudi and Jessica Gomes!

O'Neal McKnight: Round 2

We here at joonbug have a deep appreciation for musicians who play at our parties. If it wasn’t for them, our parties would just be a bunch of people standing around staring at each other like a bad high school reunion. Who wants to party like that?

Nevertheless, we hold a special place on our website for people like O’neal Mcknight. Musician, stylist, and overall great person, O’neal is always ready to bring a positive attitude to everything he puts his mind to. His career is quickly rising to an astronomical level and I was privileged to conduct a follow-up to his Halloween interview to ask him questions about his thoughts on where he’s come from and what to expect for the coming year.

Wise Words With O'Neal McKnight

At 5'6", O'Neal McKnight's presence is far from intimidating. Dressed casually, with a friendly, open demeanour, you would never know that this man has the ear of some of the most celebrated names in the music industry. Perhaps his name is not as well known as that of his cousin Andre Harrell, but from dancing with Outkast, to styling Mystikal, and recording an album with Busta Rhymes, O'Neal McKnight's impressive list of talents and qualities show that there is much, much more than meets the eye.