Happy Birthday Ms. Monroe!

The adored Marilyn Monroe would have turned 86 today if not for her tragic and mysterious death at 36-years-old. Monroe, born Norma Jean Mortensen still remains to this day one of the most popular Hollywood stars in history. She continues to gain adoring fans and an immense amount of attention in regards to her life and story decades after her death. With movies, books, and even make-up lines being made in her honor and memory, Monroe will live on forever on film and in our hearts.

Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Is San Francisco The New Sex And The City Fashion Capitol?

"City sidewalks and busy sidewalks" might be the infamous Christmas saying, but it sure does seem to be San Francisco’s saying this spring. Although Sex And The City’s infamous New York City is the hustle and bustle for fashion, San Francisco sure does seem to be screaming for an iconic Carrie Bradshaw look.

Where is that over-the-top, tell-it-like-it-is, modern business attire woman, Samantha Jones, or the prim and proper, old country Charlotte York? San Francisco’s local coffee shops are on every corner; the emerging, colorful pop-up shops and local boutiques that are screaming for Bradshaw’s touch. Where to look for that certain look is the question and how fast can one get to that diamond in the rough shop? Sure, there are the outrageously unique Betsey Johnson boutiques that scream the theme for the fashionable four, but Bradshaw also liked those hole-in-the-wall vintage shops, such as La Rosa on Haight or Vintage Torso.

The Perfect Red Pout

In this movie obsessed city, the world really is our stage! So, it makes complete sense to desire a look which drips with old Hollywood glamour. The focus of this look? The red lip: A key glamour staple and by coincidence a look which is very 'now'.

To wear red lipstick well, ensure you choose a shade that compliments your skin's warm or cool undertones. If your skin is cool, a lipstick with blue undertones -such as Mac 'Red'- -will work fabulously. If your skin is warm an orange toned red-such as Mac 'Lady Bug'-will deliver much better results. You want the focus to be your lips, so make sure the rest of your make up is simple. After applying a light covering of foundation, apply a concealer to even out skin tone and cover any blemishes. Add just a light slick of mascara to your eyes and some color to your cheeks with a light dusting of neutral toned blush.

Paramount Bar Brings Old-School Glamour Back to Times Square

The Paramount Hotel has had over 80 years to build its reputation, but despite hosting the prestigious memorial luncheon for Andy Warhol in 1987 (with Yoko Ono and Liza Minelli), its best years may be yet to come. Closed for renovations in 1988 (and again in 2009 after switching ownership in 2007), Paramount has been revamped and has just been completed with the recent reopening of Paramount Bar. Times Square may be considered the "land of the tourists" (and thus, forbidden territory) by most New Yorkers, but the stunning interior of this hotel bar was designed to give locals a tasteful hideout from the masses picture-taking in the middle of the sidewalk.

Mother of Costume Pearl

Whether they're real or fake, pearls are always in style. Their classic look is associated with sophistication, grace, and feminine charm. The moment a pearl necklace is added to an outfit, it is transformed from a few paired separates, to a beautifully polished ensemble. This holds true more than anywhere in Washington DC, where the idea of style is tailored and polished.

Although it is always preferred to wear the real thing rather than a knockoff, pearls are becoming an exception. The economy is continuing to take a toll on our stylistic choices, making real pearls a little out of reach for most. In the past, it was socially unacceptable to wear fake pearls over the age of 14, but now, it is becoming more and more accepted. The main reason for this exception is that fake pearls look so much like the real thing, it is almost impossible to notice the difference without being up close.