Angelina Lavo: The Princess & The Gangsta

Angelina Lavo, singing sensation from Russia, has made her way to the United States, becoming a big hit on YouTube. On April 18th, Angelina launched her debut EP album, Risque, at The Salon at Hudson Terrace. Her EP was produced by Grammy winner, Omen and features artists such as hip hop singer Twista, songwriter Jillian Gottlieb, and producer Lu Diaz. Her launch party was sponsored by Boutique Artists, Star Vodka, Legend of Kremlin Vodka, Omen, and other music industry execs. We got the chance to check out her performance at Hudson Terrace and chat with her about her blossoming career. See what this Russian babe has to say!

Invaders Must Die...

Most remember The Prodigy as the Bitch-Smacking, Fire-Starting, British big beat controversy that was lauded as a shot in the arm to the stale rock music of the late nineties. Group mastermind Liam Howlett, along with Keith Flint and MC Maxim Realty, were darlings of the electronic music scene, as well as the targets of concerned parents and conservative groups everywhere upon the release of 1997’s The Fat of The Land, which featured both tracks as singles.