Timeflies 'One Night' EP Out Now

The wait is over and the day is here. Timeflies' long awaited EP, One Night is out for the world to hear. Since the NYC based duo broke out onto the scene, they've garnered much attention and can now add a huge accomplishment to their already amazing track record. In what is a true testament to their movement yet not surprising, their new EP soared to #1 on the iTunes Top Pop Albums Chart and is also #2 on the iTunes Top Albums Chart. The five track EP is currently beating out releases from top selling artists such as Rihanna, Pink and Taylor Swift.

The dynamic duo, who recently sold out New York's Terminal 5 in just one week, have made quite a name for themselves. When we chatted with them back in October, they were already forces to be reckoned with and have since been covering countless hit records from popular artists using their genre bending techniques to give each song their own Timeflies twist.

If No One Listened, He'd Still Make Music

Kevin Yost has been seen first-hand how the Internet has changed house music and its top players, with Yost one of its most influential DJs. The phrase might be said a lot for dramatic effect but Yost is of a “dying breed,” and that’s real. The man wants nothing to do with trends or what’s popular but is in the game for the purity of music. In fact he’s hoping house “goes back underground to the people who really want to be in the scene,” not the followers.

Mike Rothman sat down with Yost for a few minutes before his Friday night set at the Electric Pickle Co.
in Miami and the veteran DJ talked about getting started surprisingly without hitting up clubs, his next compilation, what motivates the man and even what he’d like to see on his tombstone. (Not the pizza!)