Cambalache Shows New Yorkers the Good Life -- Argentine Style

Cambalache spread out in a Brooklyn warehouse like a secret Argentine neighborhood lost in space. Tucked away in each corner of the room were in activities, decorated seating areas, secluded artists providing live entertainment, while the main expanse was filled with booths of wine, which was poured freely and sipped carefully. The crowd was abuzz from the start of the event at six until the end at eleven, with never a lull nor a dull moment. Excited Brooklynites mingled with Argentine expats hunting for a taste of their home in a Malbec grape.

NYC's Hottest Hotels for Nightlife

1. The Hudson Hotel (356 W. 58th Street)- For starters, the Hudson has two venues within its walls which appeal to every type of party-goer. The first spot, Hudson Common, offers drinks and dining in a casual atmosphere with upbeat, hit music being played the entire time. With enough room to dance in the dining room and comfy couches by their decorative fireplace, you’re free to do as you choose in this wide, spacious room. Directly across the hall is their liquor bar, Henry. While Hudson Common has a sort of “create your own” dance floor, Henry has spots cleared throughout the area for guests to get down while they drink — and it looks like table service is on the menu! By ordering a bottle, you receive house-made sodas on the side to mix with your liquor, or you can try one of their signature cocktails. While this site is a little more upscale, there’s no reason to hold back and feel uncomfortable while having a good time.

Weekend Pick: Tribeca Film Festival

What: The Tribeca Film Festival

When: Thursday, April 17th, 5:30pm

Where: At six theaters around the city: Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea and the SVA Theatre in Chelsea, AMC Loews Village 7 in the East Village, and Tribeca Drive-In, BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, and Tribeca Cinemas in Tribeca.

Vulture Festival Set To Hit NYC May 10-11

The festival, which will announce its full schedule as the event approaches, will be an oasis for pop culture fanatics, as stars from all fields lend their talents to the inaugural event. Shaking up the traditional music-centric festival format, Vulture Festival will host a Comedy Night, featuring the likes of Billy Eichner, Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer (Broad City), as well as Jessica Williams (Daily Show), among many others. In addition, there will be talks by the costume designers of televisions biggest shows, including Girls, Scandal, and House of Cards, along with a conversation with legendary TV writer/producer David Milch.

April 3rd Debut of House Party at Webster Hall Is Huge Success

Judging by the party’s debut, it’s safe to say that House Party is NYC’s hottest new weekly Hip Hop event. The impressive line outside the entrance to Webster Hall was filled with excited energy. These people came to party. Once inside, it was easy to be overwhelmed with where to begin your night: House Party is a massive event with amazing music in every room, taking up four levels of Webster Hall and each with its own distinct flavor.

In the Bandit’s Basement, DJ Sliink & Dirty South Joe hosted a packed room with Brenmar and Tim Dolla on the decks. Both had the room jumping with Trap and Club bangers. In true House Party fashion, the basement was truly the spot to dance and listen to some filthy, underground tracks you may never hear on the radio.

Weekend Pick: Newly Opened Bar, The Garret

A bar above a burger joint? Sure, it might sound a bit odd at first, but one trip to The Garret, and you’ll never question that notion again.

Perched atop a Five Guys, located on 296 Bleecker St., The Garret occupies an intimate and artistic second floor loft space unlike anything you'd expect. Contrary to the scattered peanut shells and delicious burger smell of the restaurant below, upstairs is an ornate venue with a vibe that is equal parts classy and lively.

Set Sail On A Manhattan By Sail Cruise!
Cambalanche Brings Argentine Wine to NYC on April 16th and 17th

The Argentine wine-tasting event Cambalanche is making its way to New York City on April 16th and 17th. Calambanche – which means “bazaar” in Spanish – had a terrifically successful sold-out London debut and is already winning industry awards. Cambalanche tries to give people the experience of drinking Argentine wine in Argentina, or at least the closest approximation Brooklyn can provide.

The Coffee and Tea Festival Gets Caffeine Fans Jazzed

With such a deep bench of tea vendors, many sought to make themselves stand out with some manner of gimmick, some by focusing on a unique non-tea ingredient and some an unusual application. Dandy Lion Tea uses dandelions to make a bottled fruit-flavored infusion, while Nature's Guru is an instant chai mix (just add water) that emphasizes the low-calorie health benefits of chai. Both were surprisingly delicious, and would be a great bit of variety for any tea-lover. The clear crowd favorites were teas designed to be mixed with alcohol. Owls Brew's offering, a lemon-flavored black tea that was mixed with whiskey, was tasty and lower-calorie than a cocktail, while Capital Teas' more adventurous choice of Earl Grey-infused beer was interesting, but less than the sum of its parts.