The Supper Club: Sex On The Table

If the name hasn’t already captured your heart, have no fear, there’s a lot more where that came from.

If you're looking to give this spot a try, check out the "bacon-themed" event happening on March 15. Chef Fed will be kicking off the 2014 private dining series with a six-course meal centered completely around bacon! Best of all, tickets are available to non-members as well, so everyone is welcome while there is still availability!

The Homegrown Collective's Essential Home Remedies

First, we tried the oil of oregano set. The set comes complete with organic oregano essential oil, organic cold pressed olive oil, and amber drop bottle and graduated pipette to make the concoction. Simply add a few drops of the of the oregano essential oil into the drop bottle, mix it with the olive oil and voila! You have your very own oil of oregano which is used as a natural remedy for a bunch of bacteria related problems. It helps prevent and kill viruses, as well as other germs, on contact. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory for curing wounds, cuts, and sores, and it can also help to reduce and treat muscular and joint pains.

Bernie's LA Cafe

Being of Cuban descent and having eaten varieties of Latin American food throughout my entire life, there isn’t much that can surprise me within this genre of cuisine. My understanding of most Latin American food is greasy, usually fried, comfortable, and predictable. When I was asked to visit Bernie’s LA Café, my expectations were not very high. Boy, was I mistaken! Named after proprietor Bernie Matz, also known for Lincoln Road’s Café at Books & Books, Bernie’s LA Café has been considered the Best Organic Latin American Cuisine and the owner of the Best Cuban Sandwich by the Miami New Times. Bernie’s is the kind of restaurant that offers something for everyone with its array of vegan, vegetarian, and straight up meat-loving options.

New Eateries to Hit Miami

Salumeria 104
New to Midtown Miami is Salumeria 104 an Italian deli and restaurant crossover. This eatery offers an assortment of Italian charcuterie foods such as cheeses, salamis and other Italian cold cuts. Salumeria 104 is inviting and casual, the perfect place for a snack and drink. Besides deli items, Salumeria 104 serves antipasti/salads, fresh pasta dishes, and regional Italian dishes along with an affordable array of wines.

3451 NE First Avenue #104, Miami

The Raw Squeeze Debuts in NYC

This morning The Squeeze debuted their first bio-diesel food truck made from a repurposed UPS delivery truck. The Squeeze is a wellness and beauty lifestyle company that serves living and organic foods and drinks at catered events throughout New York City. CEO and Chef Karliin Brooks, a former model, lifetime vegan, and animal advocate, wanted to add a healthy and fun alternative to the street food and food truck phenomenon. Starting at 10 a.m., patrons who order a tasty cold-pressed juice, shake, smoothie, or beverage will receive a bonus treat, coconut truffles or a sweet treat.

The Incredible Benefits of Coconut Oil

Beauty addicts have long been known for their wacky at-home treatments. Whether it's mayonnaise, avocados or olive oil, there's no food too strange to test out the benefits of its natural properties on our skin and hair. Usually these trends pass in the blink of an eye - forgotten by all except for the most curious few. There's a hot trend right now breaking this mold as it sweeps across the world of beauty and proves its staying power through the devotion of its followers. The best part is, it's all-natural, organic, and fairly cheap!

The use of coconut oil as a topical remedy began in the South Pacific. Residents of Tahiti have been using coconut oil to treat just about everything for centuries. Combined with their "sacred flower," tiare, to create monoi, islanders use the oil for cooking, as an immunity-booster, as a skin protectant from harsh salt water, for minor cuts or burns, and to improve the elasticity of skin.

Stuff We Love: Kobo Soy Candles

While you can venture everywhere from Barney's to Target to the corner store to get yourself some scented wax, there is one brand that blows all competition...well, out. Kobo soy candles come in a multitude of unique scents, making it so there truly is something for everyone (although we were hard pressed to find a single scent we weren't in love with). Because the candles are made of pure soy wax, they burn longer than the same size standard wax candle. Another bonus? The soy wax used by Kobo is 100% domestically made and organic, creating a clean burn and a strong scent. Seriously, one large candle can work for an entire living room!

Hurricane Special at Greensquare Tavern

Starting to remember what the city felt like when supermarket shelves were stocked with bread and bananas? So are we. And despite the rather clever artistic statements that followed “the Hurricane of the Century” we’re ready for the city to get back to normal.

Daily Green Tip: Go Organic (and save money)

Going organic has become increasingly popular in just these past few years- and, with good reason. There are many benefits of organic food: they contain few or no pesticides/preservatives, they're fresher (and taste better!), and are possibly even more nutrient-rich.

Going organic also benefits our environment! Organic farming practices reduce air, water, and soil pollution, conserve water and soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy.

What it comes down to is organic food tastes better and is better for your body and the environment. And yet, organic food is expensive. While Whole Foods is a dream land for green and health conscious shoppers, it can also be a hassle on your wallet.