C5 Redefining the Game of Beer Pong

Calling all beer pong lovers! The game is about to take on a whole different meaning. Say hello to C5, the company revolutionizing the way beer pong has been played since freshman year of college thanks to their custom beer pong tables.

Joseph Mollo, C5 Founder, began his journey in his garage where he decided that cheap plastic tables wouldn’t cut it anymore. That’s when he took to designing a table worthy of the game. This resulted in a stellar looking table that could hold up, even in the midst of the most intense beer pong games. As seen to the left, the table includes a new shot to the game as well as raised ends to allow for cup and ball storage. C5 is now the largest producer of custom beer pong tables. From bars to college frat houses to your own garage, C5 hopes to make those awful foldaway tables a thing of the past.

Weekend Pick: Seven Lions at Pacha

The Worlds Apart Tour could not be a more fitting title for an artist like Seven Lions, whose electronic productions can range anywhere from as bright as the sun, to as spine tingling and mysterious as the dark side of the moon. With each and every track he makes, Seven Lions explores a new and different corner of the musical galaxy, showcasing how creative and imaginative his brand of beautiful bass music is.

OWSLA Presents: Good Times Miami

Who: Look to your left.

What: Good Times Miami

When: Mar. 26-27

Where: Wynwood

Why: Because OWSLA and Poplife are BOSS.

Watch Jack Beats "Beatbox" With Friends

Jack Beats make sure not to leave out any of their friends in their new "Beatbox" music video, released today through Thump. Who knew the music industry was made up of so professional beatboxers? Of the many people who make an appearance to show off their lip syncing abilities, included are Diplo, Dave Nada, Skrillex, Benga, Annie Mac, Flux Pavilion, and many more. The catchy track is made up of the duo's signature beats and proves to be quite the monster.

"Beatbox" will be released via OWSLA on Jack Beats’ Beatbox EP March 18. The track is also found on the duo’s FABRICLIVE 74 compilation that is to be released on the same day.

In the meantime, happy beatboxing!

Red Bull Guest House Returns to Miami March 27 - 30
Listen to The M Machine 'Superflat'

Between Ben Swardlick, Eric Luttrell, and Andy Coenen, there is an immeasurable quantity of combined creativity and ingenuity behind what goes into The M Machine. Whether it's creating incredible, genre-transcending music or designing spectacular visual installations and effects, The M Machine continue to be a group that explores the vast reaches of musical space to find new and unimaginable originality in their productions. Having closed the door on their two-part Metropolis album with a widely diverse remixes EP, the trio usher in the next chapter of their musical campaign with 'Superflat.'

Wuki - Framework EP

If the name Innerpartysystem doesn't ring a bell, then it's highly unlikely you're familiar with former member Kris Barman, now known as Wuki. Since the electro-rock group announced their hiatus back in 2011, Wuki has been tinkering with the electronic music production that made songs like Innerpartysystem's 'Don't Stop' vastly popular, and transforming them into a unique blend of booty shaking break-beats with clever hints of electro sprinkled in for good measure. After a steady stream of bootlegs, remixes, and iintermittent releases on Teenage Riot, Warpath, and Sex Cult, Wuki made his OWSLA debut January 7th with his new Framework EP.

Interview: Rusko

Straight from the UK comes the dubstep DJ and producer Chris Mercer, also known as Rusko. This time he’s invading North America on his Lift Me Up Tour with Roni Size, Tonn Piper, and MC Dynamite. We had a chance to talk to Chris Monday night as he kicked off the tour with a bang in Gainesville, Florida. With a heart full of passion, Rusko discusses music, life, and friends.

How’s the tour going so far?

Awesome! This is the first day we’re doing with Roni. He just got here. I’ve been kind of bummed the past couple of days. All of our stuff just arrived from L.A., so I finally got all of my clothes, my Xbox, and my stash. I was kind of stoked that everything arrived. We’re a couple of days into the tour, but today feels like officially day one. The full tour crew is here, all the stage stuff is here, all the lights, everything is in place now. I’m counting this as day one. It’s going to be rocking.

Joonbug's Miami Music Week Pool Party Guide

Miami Music Week Editor's Pick: Operation OWSLA

Skrillex will be joined by his stacked lineup of beatmaking bosses including electro-maestro Crookers, Godfather of dubstep 12th Planet, and bass-in-your-face Congorock. We absolutely cannot wait for this talented trio to spin back-to-back with Skrillex on Thursday's Yacht Party! With such an impressive roster of seasoned turntablists, the OWSLA lineup promises attendees a face-melting week of musical mayhem.