Weekend Eats: OYSTERFEST at Brasserie Beck

You will 100% want to eat everything offered at Brasserie Beck, but nothing is better than the oysters! Oh, and how about UNLIMITED oysters? We think yes!

When: Saturday, March 15th, 12pm-4pm

Virgola NYC: The Hidden Gem of The West Village

In the heart of the West Village lies a very charming gated alleyway that has become the home to Virgola, NYC. Just six feet wide with limited seats, making a reservation to snatch a coveted spot at Virgola is essential. The location of the restaurant holds a lot of history with many proud fixtures which the owner, Joseph Marazzo, has built himself. Upon entering Virgola, the black colored exposed brick walls and the soft lighting from an impressive vintage chandelier, will take you away from the bustling streets of New York City for the ultimate epicurious delight.

Jazz Night at The Roosevelt

The Golden Age of Hollywood is back and it’s staying at The Roosevelt. Ops manager Jarrett Stuhl and his team have put together Jazz Nights at The Roosevelt, a four-week limited engagement featuring live jazz, delicious cocktail specials, and the ol’ one-two punch of oysters & ambience. With eight separate outlets for food and drink at the Roosevelt it’s hard to stay in one spot, but step into this lobby any Tuesday night this month and prepare yourself for your first truely beautiful experience of 2014.

Aw, Shucks!

To help gain awareness for Village Fishmonger, a New York-based seafood start-up company who currently operates a Community Supported Fishery in New York City, Evelyn: A Drinkery is hosting the second installment of their successful Aw, Shucks event. Dedicated to supporting the traditional neighborhood fishmonger, Village Fishmonger brings diners carefully curated seafood selections that are sourced with the “boat-to-table” concept at the forefront. Together with Evelyn, nominated for Time Out 2013’s Food & Drinks Readers’ Choice Best Bar, guests are invited to sample freshly shucked oysters and Evelyn’s laid-back style of artisanal spirited beverages on Tuesday, March 26th beginning at 6 pm.

  • With the purchase of a $30 ticket, guests will receive 1 dozen oysters and one specialty cocktail.

  • For $55 ticket holders will be granted access to the event for 2 people and a dozen oysters and one specialty cocktail each.
The Secret's Out: Maison Premiere

The Maison Premiere

Equal parts: 1920’s Paris, New Orleans Energy, New York Mixology

Shake well.

Garnish with moustache and suspenders.

Williamsburg’s cocktail lounge and oyster den known as Maison Premiere is quite a spectacle. One can’t help but think of the phrase 'old-time barroom,' as the loud swing/bop/jazz music compliments the organized chaos rattling the walls. The experience might feel a bit like traveling back to a time when the tavern was where one got the news, and bar-keep reigned as a prominent social figure.

More Places to Enjoy During Art Basel

Downtown/Wynwood/Design District

Food Truck Round-Up

Imagine this: Food trucks plus Art Basel at the Adrienne Arsht Center. It’s the lunch of Michelangelo himself… sort of. Anyway, the food trucks won’t go unnoticed for the 10th anniversary of Art Basel this year and you can catch up with mostly all of them this Friday, December 2nd from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Don't miss the live performances and interactive art! Enjoy the art on the street and on your plate.

1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Downtown


Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

Vice Lounge

Entering Vice Lounge is an experience in and of itself. You are first met with the view of a moderately sized bar, lined with the finest liquors, but just pass the black curtain-covered doors towards the back and you find yourself meeting a completely different scene. The black and red, sexy, chandeliered, vampiresque décor strikes you immediately and lets you know that this isn’t an ordinary restaurant. As you walk through the central dance floor, and onto the upstairs lounge, you will notice that each table is placed on its own individual cow skin rug. The crystal and silver themed tables match perfectly against the lavish night scene of the rest of the establishment.

Make Your Own Bloody Mary

This weekend, The Redeye is starting a new DIY dining option, Make Your Own Bloody Mary, that will be offered at 11:30 am on Saturdays and 12:00pm on Sundays. You won't enjoy a boozy drink as much as if you put your own blood, sweat, and celery stick into it! Once you begin the dining option, you will receive a mini carafe of homemade tomato juice for two garnished with Old Bay Seasoning on the rim and a celery stick, two glasses of Ketel One Vodka, two jumbo shrimp, and everything in-between.

Happy National Oyster Day!

Oysters are made up of muscles and organs that filter-feed for planktonic organisms which are a mass of tiny animals and plant. True oysters, which belong to the Ostreidae family, are found throughout the world’s oceans, usually in shallow waters and in colonies called beds or reefs. There are over 200 species of oysters. There are species which are edible oysters such as Ostrea, Crassostrea, Ostreola, or Saccostrea. Oysters have reputation of being an aphrodisiac food which was documented by the Romans.

Oysters are immensely populated on the eastern and western side of the state of Florida. In the 1800’s, oysters made the city of Apalachicola, Florida popular. Since the early 1830s people settled in Apalachicola, Florida searching for a new life fulfilled with awe-inspiring natural beauty, pristine environment and the unbelievable productive waters. It encompasses the waters of St. George Sound and St. Vincent Sound, which provide an ideal environment for oysters. Apalachicola was recognized as a major port facility and was the 3rd largest port in the Gulf Of Mexico. Now, more than 90% of Florida's oyster production and 10% of the nationwide supply is harvested from Apalachicola Bay.