Weekend Picks: International Pillow Fight Day in Union Square

When: Saturday, April 5th, 3pm

Pajama Party: Super-Cute Sleepwear You’ll Want to Hit Snooze For

Remember the days of sleepover parties? You would prep for weeks before, looking for the cutest, new pajama set to show off to all your friends. While the nights of clay masks and "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" may be over, that doesn't mean you need to stop shopping for cute PJs. Below are five trendy options that will make you the envy of the 7th grade...ahem, 7th Avenue.

The Glamour Girl

This floral romper is just the thing for the vixen in us all. Made of crinkled chiffon and satin, it is luxurious and airy, the perfect combination for hot summer evenings.

OnePiece Clothing Debuts on Robertson

With celebrity fans such as Justin Beiber, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Pink and Usher, it's no wonder Norwegian-born OnePiece clothing decided to launch its first U.S boutique in Los Angeles. Situated on Robertson Boulevard, the epicenter of trendy clothing boutiques, OnePiece has certainly come a long way. The company was founded just 4 years ago by "four hungover Norwegians" who decided to sew a hooded sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants together one day. They connected the two pieces with a giant zipper and the original OnePiece was born. Since then they have gone on to gain mass appeal and worldwide praise. All OnePiece's are created with high quality plush cotton and described as "a dream on the skin." Hmmm...sold!