PAMA Cocktail Competition Gets Delayed

We told you all about the PAMA "Are You Indispensible?" cocktail competition that was set to happen tomorrow night at the Museum of Sex.

Unfortunately, the crazy snowstorm has taken a toll on airplane flights, meaning the out-of-town finalists aren't able to come. So instead of chancing risky weather conditions, the cocktail-making challenge is rescheduled for a couple months from now. The only bright side is that it keeps us from wandering out in the snow storm looking for booze (or does it?)

Stay tuned for an updated event date!

"Are You Indispensible?" Cocktail Competition Finals at the Museum of Sex

Love drinks? Like pomegranate? How about mixing the two? The Museum of Sex is hosting a booze-friendly competition where bartenders from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and New Orleans are mixing up cocktails with PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur. The first-ever event is happening on Wednesday, January 22, and there will be sensuous fare from Chef Ben Roche (Moto) along with drinks. The food includes pizza-puffed pasta, red curry beef, and rabbit foccacia.

Battle of the Beverages at The Pamalympics

Last night, the ruby-red pomegranate liqueur company, Pama Liqueur, along with USBGNY, hosted their first annual Pamalympics at one of our fave downtown hubs, Pouring Ribbons. The highly anticipated cocktail competition was judged by Eben Freeman, Pama Brand Spokesperson & Director of Bar Operations and Innovation at Altamarea Group, MaryCrae Guild, Pama Brand Manager, and Brian Quinn, cocktail columnist.