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Hi Joonbuggers –

Yes yes, its been a while, I know, but what can you do? I've been running around all over NYC like a headless chicken, I just haven't had time to write to you guys about my escapades. Next week I will tell you all about the Royal Wedding antics that went down in NYC, but first I better catch you all up a bit.

When I first arrived here in New York (some 12 - 13 yrs ago), the Paramount Bar at the very swish boutique hotel The Paramount was THE place to be. Over time, like most fashionable bars and restaurants, the once Ian Schrager-owned hotspot gradually fell from grace. Until now, that is. Yes, The Paramount Bar is making a welcome comeback in Midtown.

Paramount Bar Brings Old-School Glamour Back to Times Square

The Paramount Hotel has had over 80 years to build its reputation, but despite hosting the prestigious memorial luncheon for Andy Warhol in 1987 (with Yoko Ono and Liza Minelli), its best years may be yet to come. Closed for renovations in 1988 (and again in 2009 after switching ownership in 2007), Paramount has been revamped and has just been completed with the recent reopening of Paramount Bar. Times Square may be considered the "land of the tourists" (and thus, forbidden territory) by most New Yorkers, but the stunning interior of this hotel bar was designed to give locals a tasteful hideout from the masses picture-taking in the middle of the sidewalk.