Patiala Brings Slow-Cooked Comfort Food to Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen, NY -- short of visiting a Dhaba in India for authentic Punjabi fare, simply hop aboard a train to Penn Station for a trip to Patiala. Nestled comfortably along the hustle and bustle of 34th Street and 9th Avenue, Patiala is Hell's Kitchen's newest takeout restaurant offering home-style Punjabi cuisine that's big on flavor but small on price. Slow-cooked is the name of the game, but convenience reigns supreme -- the lightning quick service here ensures that little time is wasted not enjoying your food. But don’t let the fast lines fool you; the attention to quality and emphasis on both freshness and flavor is evident from the moment you walk in.

NYC's Latest Openings

This past week has brought a lot of new players to NYC's world of nightlife. From tapas to Indian, you're in for some exotic treats, as these four hot off the griddle hotspots enlighten your taste and tickle your tastebuds.

If you’ve ever ventured into the decadence of Indian jewel, Junoon, and hungered for a cocktail equivalent, then we have the perfect surprise for you. Opened just next door is Patiala, the new gem on the Flatiron block. Decor is flawlessly executed, creating an Indian paradise right here in Manhattan. By blending modern accents like deep cushioned cream chairs, and simple wooden tables with iconic pieces like the intricately hand carved wooden swing, Patiala offers every patron a comfort zone while they take in each meticulous detail. With an incomparably warm atmosphere, and delicious spice-infused cocktails like the Tandoori Tequila- silver tequila with muddled Tandoori pineapple, lime, curry leaf, and pippali pepper- Patiala brings just enough adventure for you to feel temporarily transported to the lounge's namesake, delving into cocktails unknown, like the maharajah himself. For the slightly starving, they have options like the Seasonal Pakoras and the Dahi Wale Lamb Chops hailing from Junoon.