Make Ryan Gosling Blush with this Celeb Coloring Book
VUBE: A New Source for Viral Videos

Finally, a site that is giving YouTube some competition! Say hello to, a new social video site that was created in January 2013 and allows users to post videos in a way that promotes more individualized control over how their content is viewed and received by the world. Unlike YouTube, VUBE presents user content to the world on a massive advertising platform, and in turn, collects user engagement data for the video during an initial test. How each video performs during its test will assign it values in its promotional system, as well as contribute to indexing on VUBE. This is basically an automated crowdsourcing mechanism that tries to make a video go viral, knowing instantly whether the video is gaining traction or not, and then begins to deal with the video accordingly, using the metrics collected.

New Study Predicts That 12 Years A Slave Will Win Best Picture At The Oscars!

Exponential, an advertising intelligence and digital media company, has done their Oscars research and their data is showing that 12 Years A Slave will win Best Picture this year!

Exponential successfully predicted that Argo would win Best Picture last year, which gives them pretty good credibility.

The way that Exponential predicted this year's winner was through audience profiles created from every nominee. These profiles were compiled from data collection based on online behaviors of over 44.5 million devices. Once the data was collected Exponential then compared the profiles.

Check Out These Hilarious Celeb Valentines Day Ecards!

Here are some of our favs. Enjoy!

Homeward Bound's Eye-Catching Ad Campaigns

The glossy pages of tabloid magazines direct consumerism towards attention seeking celebrities and their everyday antics.Think about all the times People magazine would publish photos of celebrities in their sweatpants going grocery shopping at a nearby Whole Foods, or simply photos of celebrity spottings outside posh venues around LA.

It's everywhere and people buy into it. They obsess over the belief that celebrities are simply average human beings but somewhere down the line, in the midst of all this obsession, lies a meaningless pursuit.

Event Review: Q & A With Independent Film Producer Neal Edelstein

Haunting Melissa is a new horror story app created by independent film producer Neal Edelstein, creator of The Ring. The app is designed to not only scare you senseless, but to also to give horror enthusiasts everywhere a different kind of scare they have never seen before. It is more than an episodic horror story and also can't be described as a film within an app. Haunting Melissa is an entirely different type of horror story. The app delivers the story of Melissa piece-by-piece and chapter-by-chapter so that the viewer can digest it just like a book.

Hello Hotspot!

Just in time for the holidays, Hotspot, a brand new and innovative social media application, is now available for download through the App Store! Hotspot offers a more genuine way of connecting with others. Unlike most social media apps, Hotspot isn’t about finding new friends; it’s about connecting with your current ones. Creators Jeff Ames and Jasjit Singh realized that the discovery of new people was not the issue in social communication, but rather the actual convening of these people as “friends” in reality. Hotspot allows users to locate and contact one another for any social event, whether it be for bar hopping or impromptu meet-ups. Unlike texting, this messaging service enables the user to send out one mass message regarding an event—what, where, and when, along with turn-by-turn directions and also who is going to be there or on the way. Even better, the app is not a closed service. This means that even your those without Hotspot will receive a text message providing a link to open all of the event information in their browsers.

5 Social Media Sites You Aren't Using

Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social media stratosphere, but with the future upon us, and constant changes in social trends, the online population is always on the hunt for a new form of social interaction. Here are 5 sites that you may not know about, and that you should consider if you are feeling you need a change from the “same old-same old" in the social networking world.

Created by the co-founder of Twitter, this site is an invite-only social media platform that allows only exclusive users to share more intuitive and original ideas. All Medium accounts seem to have some sort of link to professional publication, whether it be news, journalism, or research. In that regard, not everyone is eligible to post, weeding out the arbitrary and annoying content that appears on other sites. Unlike Twitter or Facebook status updates, Medium links its “updates” to 500-1000 word articles written by the user. Only the best and brightest seem to be able to post on Medium, and it is worth creating a Twitter account in hopes of being considered as a contributor. Given that it is a more specialized and aesthetically pleasing extension of Twitter, Medium holds promise as the new and coveted form of social communication for the future.

Can You Hear Me When I Whisper?

Whisper is a new anonymous social community that has everyone talking. Why? Isn’t it just yet another way to connect everyone together in this overly-social world? No, Whisper offers something that seems almost absurd in a social network—anonymity. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Whisper does not reveal your identity in any way, only allowing your contributions to post in an uncredited photo meme format, created through various photo filters and font options. The memes can then be either liked with a heart, “shouted” (posted on your own Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook) or replied to through another created meme. The creative confessions that appear are a genuine display of life—secret inner desires, personal philosophies, or daily sarcastic observations.

Miss America Scandal

Nina Davuluri is the first Indian-American to win the Miss America competition. Soon after Nina received the coveted title on Sunday, September 15, viewers took to Twitter to lash out about the decision. Some comments were flat out racist, while others were incredibly offensive, stating that Davuluri was undeserved of the title because of her heritage.

In response to these negative comments, a few notable people jumped to her defense. This included QuestLove of music group The Roots. He tweeted: "I think it's amazing that @ninadavuluri was crowned Miss America. THIS is the American story." We agree, and would like to thank such commentors for supporting Davuluri the way she deserves.