DIY Mardi Gras Fashion

We here at, know just how creative our readers are, so we proudly present you with these DIY tips to prepare you costume this coming Mardi Gras!


Inspired by the lace detail in Hilary's Duff's mask in A Cinderella Story, we spotted this beautiful number all over our Pinterest and it was a must! Super easy and super adorable.

Supplies: tulle or sheer fabric, fabric scissors, ribbon, black fabric paint, saran wrap, tape and the template. Most of which can be found in the house or from your local craft store!

Print Is In

Fall has officially arrived and it's definitely one of the funnest fashion seasons for trying out new trends. Dress up your look with fun, vibrant patterns and prints. We are currently obsessing over the printed, harem pantsook!

Try anything from floral printed pants paired with a basic tank or tee and cropped blazer inspired by the queen of mixing prints, Oliva Palermo. Or you can opt for a trendy black and white print teamed up with neon and metallic jewels.

Naturally, we turned to Pinterest to find some added inspiration from celebs to street style stars for our fall print fashion fix. Check the slideshow below to skim our fave picks!

Pin This: 6 Fashionable Pinners to Follow Now

So Pinterest has taken over our lives. All of our free time (and even not-so free time—writing this article was a serious test in discipline!) is now spent perusing the awe-inspiring photographs, crafty DIYs, mouth-watering recipes, and, above all, endless fashion. We could browse Pinterest until we reach the end of the internet. With so many creative (jobless? Where do they find the time?!) individuals creating their own unique anthologies of things they love, it was hard to choose these featured favorites. Good ahead, take a long lunch and hope for rain this weekend—these pinners are addictive.

Fancy This: The Chic New Shopper's Tab

The shoppable version of Pinterest has taken their company to a whole new level with their newest addition of the “buy now” tab. This little green button they have so slyly created is for the use of independent bloggers to integrate into their sites where it allows readers to purchase the products featured on the blogs without leaving their page --Fancy that!

The Fancy partnered with the Independent Fashion Bloggers Network for their launch, which will be beneficial to them as it is home to over 40,000 writers. Though most of the blogger bunch in the network are small style bloggers that use their site as a hobby and have a small readership, Taylor Davies, TechCrunch’s IFB Editor, explained that she thinks this simple addition of the shopping tab could potentially be “the next step in how we, as blog consumers, shop and purchase things we like and see” (racked).

Pintester: Testing Pinterest Projects So You Don't Have To

Pinterest: It’s a lot like Tumblr except with a working search tool. The site made its debut a few months back after a trial period in super secret invite-only beta mode, to the glee of everyone who loves a kitschy new social networking site. The shiny new site is almost literally like a candy store. It’s chock full of hi-res, well-framed pictures of just about anything you could want and then some. That is to say: it’s mostly food, cats, butts, and really really attractive people to go with the butts. Among the food and butts, however, is an amazing resource for creating your own delicious food and shaping your own butt. Pinterest is crammed with recipes, craft projects, and general life tips.

Sisters Doin’ It Themselves: 3 DIY Blogs You'll Love

Recently, the popularity of crafting and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects has been on the rise. You see it all over the internet, particularly on sites like Pinterest. People are choosing to get creative with everything from beauty, food recipes, furniture, jewelry, and clothing. And they’re teaching you, the reader, how to do it in step-by-step formats. Usually with beautifully photographed instructions that make you think, “What can’t this girl do?”

Below are three remarkable blogs that supply plenty of inspiring projects to satisfy your creative side. What’s more, you’ll actually want to do them!

[PICS] Refinery 29 + Warby Parker's Internet Week Bash

If you didn't make it out this year for Internet Week, we hate to break it to you, but you totally missed out. Amazing things are happening right now for tech in New York and the energy at HQ transmitted from the panels to the parties. Last night Refinery 29 along with eyewear maker, Warby Parker, hosted their very fashionable official Internet Week party at The Mondrian's Mister H bar. The evening brought together fashion lovers and techies alike. And rightfully so. Fashion technology is moving into the next wave of development. From the explosion of sites like Pinterest, Shop Style, Stylecaster, and of course Refinery 29, we can only expect more exciting innovations from fashion tech media.