George Lucas Launches a Strike Against Cancer

Yesterday, LucasFilm announced it would partner with Major League Baseball to raise money for cancer research by holding photo ops, gift auctions, and t-shirt sales. No word yet on whether the Yankees will officially change their name to The Evil Empire.

The effort, which is bringing together Ambassadors Aziz Ansari, Zach Galifianakis, Seth Rogen, and Star Wars alum Samuel L. Jackson (who made a hilarious promotional video), is intended to raise awareness for cancer research, by tapping into a fan base of hundreds of millions around the world. Stand Up 2 Cancer is helping organize a massive campaign bringing together LucasFilm, eBay, and Major League Baseball.

Scribble Junkies: Festival of Drawn Animation

Sure, we all love Finding Nemo and Despicable Me, but what happened to good old-fashioned cartoons like Beauty and the Beast? Nitehawk Cinema thinks that it's time to put a hold on Pixar's digital animation films. Going old-school, they are bringing you the best in hand drawn animation. August 14th will be the premiere of their Scribble Junkies event and you better not miss it.

A Rare Glimpse inside Pixar Studio

New York Times journalist Melena Ryzik recently got the opportunity to tour inside Pixar’s California studio. Armed with a cameraman, she documented her glimpse into the inner workings of the studio on film and in print.

For animation fans, or even just fans of moves like the Toy Story trilogy or Monsters Inc., this was the equivalent of getting a golden ticket. The video and article showcase the whimsy inside the studio and the interior’s really fun design. There’s no doubt that there is plenty to see and play with inside, but Ryzik also gets to explore their animation process. The trip ends up being as educational as it is fun entertainment.