Dinner at The Park

It’s no surprise that The Park in Chelsea is dubbed as one of Manhattan's trendiest restaurants. Helmed by Eric Goode and partner Sean MacPherson, this West Village eatery is a restaurant and night club hybrid — it is a culmination of five different worlds: the garden, the penthouse, the red room, the atrium and the main room.

Each area has its own distinct charm and character — the garden is complete with Japanese maple trees and vines of Wisteria; the penthouse is capped by a glass ceiling and displays a gorgeous view of the High Line (perfect for sunset-watching too); the red room impersonates an old Asian speakeasy with wicker scoop-backed chairs and banquettes covered in raw silk; the atrium is a glass-enclosed area backed by a glazed brick fireplace and the main room is the typical dining room furnished with a 900-year-old red wood root bench and a 30-foot-tall cluster of bamboo.

"The Place" to Be

The votes are in on The Place and here is the rundown

SCENE : the bar is mostly occupied by college students and those from the younger side of the 20s spectrum, kicking back after a long day at the financial district. It's the perfect place to catch the game or as the night hits around 10pm hit the dancefloor and party the night away. If you like the atmosphere at a dive bar, this is a great scene.

MUSIC: During the day you can nod along to your fave classic rock songs, and then after 10pm you can yell requests at the DJ. The dancefloor is a little on the small side, however. The DJ spins Top 40, club mash-ups, and R&B hits after 10pm. PLUS all the flatscreens to catch sports! We also love the ineveitable seasonal theme nights on Wednesdays ! The bartenders get super festive!

Brunching at Antika Pizzeria

A couple friends came to visit this weekend, so naturally, we decided to go out to brunch. Originally the plan was Il Bambino, a local eatery with supposedly wonderful paninis that we'd been dying to try, but the wait was almost an hour. A bit disappointed and hungry, we wandered around 30th Avenue in Astoria for a place that could satisfy our craving for Italian.

The first thing that caught our eye at Antika Pizzeria was their outdoor sign: "$9 Unlimited Mimosa, Sangria, Bloody Mary." The restaurant was crowded, but not busy enough to deter us. So we opted in, and prepared ourselves for a delicious, if perhaps unconventional, brunch.

It's National Pizza Week!

Who doesn't love pizza? The doughy bread, the dripping sauce and the delectable melting cheeses. You can top your pizza with almost anything- pepperoni, pineapple, sardines, even chocolate! (Check out Max Brenner's s'mores pizza.) And if you're a fan of all things authentic Italian (we're not talking Jersey Shore here) then you definitely enjoy a good brick oven baked pizza. So for a slice of Italy in the Big Apple, check out our list of the best brick oven pizza shops. Buon appetito!

32 Spring St, New York, NY 10012-4173

Multiple Locations

547 9th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Ribalta's White Truffle Pizza

Dim lights washed over the charming interior of Ribalta, the Italian pizza restaurant on East 12th Street. With Skrillex dropping hard beats over the speaker, the dinner crowd started filing in. The founder of Ribalta, Rosario Procino, paced around the restaurant ensuring that everything was going well for the night. It was a special evening at Ribalta. In fact, it was the restaurant’s first night introducing a new member to its menu of palatable pizzas: the White Truffle Pizza.

The idea stemmed from Procino and Chef Pasquale Cozzolino. White truffles, known as the “diamonds of the kitchen” in the culinary world, are only present this time of the year and are valued for their exquisite taste. They are a type of fungus that grow under trees in forests, and are harvested underground.

Pizzetteria Brunetti Brings Authentic Neapolitan Pizza from Westhampton to the West Village

For all of those craving a taste of Italy that don't have the means to get there, look no further than Pizzetteria Brunetti. Located right in the West Village, this pizza spot has all of the flavor of Italy, without the need of any flights booked.

Until recently, this exclusive pizzeria was only to be found in Westhampton Beach. However, owners owners Michael and Jaso n Brunetti, along with their new partner, Anthony Abenante, decided to take their talents over to the Big Apple, and, oh boy, are our stomachs greatful!

Neapolitan Express Brings You the "Verde" Pizza

In New York, it's hard to stand out, especially if you're a pizza. Two Bros, Two Boots, Famous Ray's, Original Famous Ray's, Ray's Pizza... they all serve slices of crust and sauce and cheese, not all too different from each other. While we may have our favorites, a slice is a slice is a slice.

Neopolitan Express, however, differentiates itself with both its product and its delivery. We visited the food truck when it was parked at 53rd and Park--a popular lunch truck spot for the Midtown working crowd. The sleek design and the clean interior of the truck immediately stood out to me, and the menu struck me as creative and perhaps healthier than the average pizza.

A Hidden Pizzeria Opens in Little Italy

Little Italy was thought by some New Yorkers to be a thing of the past as the neighborhood quickly began to shrink. Today the neighborhood is on the rebound with a reinvigorating Italian restaurant scene that is back serving al dente spaghetti pasta and Italian dishes that made the neighborhood famous. Besides the authentic Italian dishes, Little Italy has been know for its pizza. A new pizzeria, 180, has just debuted to reclaim the neighborhood as a hotbed of Italian fare.

Opening today, 180 is located on the second floor of a tenement building on the corner of Hester and Mulberry Streets at, you guessed it, 180 Hester Street. This wood-burning pizza speakeasy of sorts is hidden but for good reason. The eatery gives diners an authentic taste, as well as a little family history, as diners enjoy their freshly handmade pies. Owned by Little Italy natives, Louis and Anthony Fontana, who grew up working in their family’s restaurant Giovanna’s (downstairs from 180), opened their new joint venture in a space that pays tribute to their grandmother who still calls 180 Hester Street home. With seating for only 36 the dining room displays knick-knacks and even a chandelier from their grandmother’s upstairs apartment.

Midnight Munchies: Top 5 Late Night Eats in Miami

Anyone who lives in Miami knows that we are no strangers to the night owl lifestyle. In a city where one meets for dinner with friends at 9:00 PM (which really means 10:00 PM) and people don’t arrive at the club until well after midnight, it should come as no surprise that Miami has its fair share of late night eats. Nothing works up an appetite quite like a night of drinking and dancing, and with Miami’s unmistakable Latin flavor, post-party dining options include a wide array of not only typical pizza and burger joints, but favorites from throughout Latin America.