Weekend Picks: International Pillow Fight Day in Union Square

When: Saturday, April 5th, 3pm

Pajama Party: Super-Cute Sleepwear You’ll Want to Hit Snooze For

Remember the days of sleepover parties? You would prep for weeks before, looking for the cutest, new pajama set to show off to all your friends. While the nights of clay masks and "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" may be over, that doesn't mean you need to stop shopping for cute PJs. Below are five trendy options that will make you the envy of the 7th grade...ahem, 7th Avenue.

The Glamour Girl

This floral romper is just the thing for the vixen in us all. Made of crinkled chiffon and satin, it is luxurious and airy, the perfect combination for hot summer evenings.

Josie by Natori: Sleep, Lounge, Live

Known for bringing her art to life with an East meets West aesthetic, Fashion designer Josie Natori is one of the few designers who has remained true to her vision as an artist. What started out as creating lingerie on her living room floor has significantly flourished over the past three decades into a major lifestyle brand, which now includes Josie Natori Ready-to-Wear, four lingerie collections, (Josie Natori, Natori, Josie, N Natori), home, bedding & towels, fragrance, and eye-wear.

The Josie by Natori loungewear and lingerie line launched about fifteen years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that this unique collection reached its peak to be recognized and appreciated in its very own spotlight. In order for the Josie collection to evolve into its own separate entity, Josie was given its own website. Shortly after, Natori felt it was necessary to give the collection a voice to help define Josie, so she turned to her daughter-in-law, Anika, for a fresh new perspective on the brand.

"My mother-in-law and I were talking about ways to bring the Josie collection to a broader audience, and she jokingly suggested that I should blog for the site. I actually thought it was a great idea, and sounded like a lot of fun. The Josie Girl blog launched a few weeks ago, and it covers everything from food to fashion to life as a young professional in New York City," said Anika Natori.

What better way to reach Josie fans than through a personalized blog? It’s easy for the big names in fashion to feel out of reach, especially for us younger fashion savvy individuals. However, Josie is anything but pretentious and may very well be the realest of them all. The Josie Girl blog helps to bring Josie fans together on the same level, while offering a unique insight into what the collection has to offer.

"I was thrilled when Anika said she'd blog for us--she's the perfect Josie Girl and epitomizes the brand beautifully. I know I'm biased, but because she's so interested in fashion, fitness, cooking-and also wrapped up in being a young working mother--I knew she'd be someone our Josie customers could look to for inspiration,” said Josie Natori.

Anika truly helps define Josie through her playful posts on food, fashion, and life in New York. Josie is about comfort, style, and relaxation. While the Josie Natori ready-to-wear collection targets an older, more sophisticated crowd, the Josie line suits a broad range of modern day fashionistas. What separates Josie from the other Natori collections is the way it speaks to customers. While the designs are simple, they bring together a brave combination of colors, patterns, and fabric, which make up this eclectic brand. This is what Josie is all about, bringing different things together in a harmonious and effortless fashion.