PAMA: A Truly Indispensible Liqueur

The winning cocktail recipes are as follows:

Grand Prize: Ryan Gannon, Cure, New Orleans

Law Abiding Citizen

¾ oz PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur

1 ½ oz Hidalgo Napoleon Amontillado Sherry

¾ oz lemon juice

¼ oz simple syrup (1:1)

Shake and double-strain into a coupe. Garnish with 4 drops Bittermens Tiki Bitters.

Second Place: Theo Lieberman, Milk & Honey, New York

The Hammond

1 oz PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur

1 oz Santa Teresa “1796” Solera Aged Rum

1 oz Atsby Amberthorn Vermouth

Weekend Pick: 2014 Chicago Beer Festival at Union Station

Admission is $40, and tickets are only available online. If you plan on eating, drinking, and playing at the festival until you're just drunk enough, the Chicago Beer Festival has partnered with Uber to get you there or back home for free. Just use the code CHIBEERFEST14 to get up to $25 off your first ride.

What: 2014 Chicago Beer Festival at Union Station

When: Saturday, March 22nd, 1pm

Where: Union Station, 210 S. Canal St., Chicago, IL

Come Out and Play

The Museum of Sex has a brand new Art Bar called Play, and it will open to the public on Thursday October 10th. Play lures the inquiring customer to come inside and discover sexuality through all the senses.

Tucked away on East 27th street, adjacent to the Museum of Sex, Play is dimly lit and eager to please. As soon as you walk through the doors, you are greeted with sweet and spicy aromas. Soft purple and orange lighting set the mood in the den area. The space is very intimate and exclusive, which helps the patron feel comfortable enough to start exploring the world of sexuality through food, drink and art. Songs like “Pony” by Ginuwine and “Rock Your Body” by Justin Timberlake linger in the background to help set the mood. The swanky leather couches allow people to sit in their own little private nooks between tall shelves of books. Different erotic and enticing art pieces engage the viewer with strong visual appeal. There is also a multimedia installment on one wall called “What is Mine Is Yours," by Dana Gringras, which plays on repeat through small cutouts in the white brick wall.

Venues Opening During Fashion Week!

New York´s nightlife is provocative and vivacious all year round, but Fashion Week always has a knack for taking the nocturnal festivities to a whole new level. This year is no exception, so after a day of couture overload, strut your stuff in these new and exciting nightlife venues opening just in time to welcome scores of fashionistas.

VIP Room

Already a hit in nightlife hotspots such as Paris, St Tropez, and Dubai, internationally acclaimed nightclub VIP Room is debuting its first US location in the Meatpacking District this weekend. This elite late-night destination is a hotbed for all the best and brightest of the fashion world, plus a regular clientele of celebrities and jetsetters. This is the epicenter of after hours chic, so if you’re planning to come during New York’s most stylish week, definitely bring your A Game.

Living Image Arts Presents Charles Winn Speaks

From September 15th-October 1st, Charles Winn Speaks, by C.S. Hanson, will be presented at Cherry Lane Studio Theatre. This play is set against the current financial crisis (maybe they'll give us some tips), and follows a lovesick stockbrocker as he struggles to find and keep the woman of his dreams.

On the pursuit of the American dream, love, and struggling against the shoddy economy, Winn might just be biting off more than he can chew.

The play is directed by Lynn M. Thomas and will feature Linsday Gates and Chris Kipniak. Don't miss this three week production, which is sure to impress. Purchase your tickets now at for $18.

September 11th Remembrance: 110 Stories

The Play

Last Friday, September 9th, was the concluding performance to the compelling tribute play 110 Stories by Sarah Tuft. Produced by Broadway genius Jennifer Maloney (Spring Awakening and Legally Blonde), this collection of vignettes, breached time and space to bring you, safely, back to the tragic day the World Trade Center collapsed.

After an hour delay, due to a box office mess-up, we were seated with only a minute before the performance started. Heartbreakingly, actors like Stephen Baldwin, Tony Shalhoub, and Samuel L. Jackson began reading people’s accounts of the day, just before the attack. Jackson played a man who took work off that day to teach his daughter how to ride her bike without training wheels. “It was the most beautiful day," he read in that solemn voice. “Why is it always that something tragic happens on what you think is the perfect day?”

Afrika Bambaataa, Wale Go Under The Radar

While a vast majority of the Miami hip-hop scene has their sights set on Sunday's Best of the Best concert, two of my personal favorite performers will also be in the area this weekend.

Zulu Nation founder and all-around hip-hop legend Afrika Bambaataa is at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday. The 'Planet Rocker' is still kicking at the wise, old age of 53, inspiring an entire new generation of aspiring MCs.