Dancing to Preserve Latin Culture

Aiming to preserve and celebrate Latin culture Ballet Hispanico will be hosting their Spring Gala on April 8th starting at 7 p.m. at The Plaza Hotel. An enjoyable evening of dinner, live music from the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, and performances by the Ballet Hispanico Company and students from the Ballet Hispanico School of Dance people are encourage to show their support of the organization.

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Bastardpiece Theatre

As if there aren't enough bastards in your life, The Horse Trade Theater Group, in association with The Sopisticates, will be putting on a monthly show starring burlesque MC Bastard Keith and striptease master Madame Rosebud. These two sexual connoisseurs have looked high and low for the world's craziest, goriest, dumbest, and nakedest exploitation movies around, and during Bastardpiece Theater, you will get to see the result.

Bastardpiece Theater will take place on the second Thursday of every month at 10:30pm at UNDER St. Marks. The inaugural show is October 13th. Tickets are $20 and may be purchased here. The first show will feature The Gore-Gore Girls with guest commentator Brian Silliman.

Woman Found Naked In Sheen's Manhattan Hotel Suite Now Suing Actor

Looks like the once naked woman in Charlie Sheen's Plaza Hotel room now wants the actor to lose more than his wallet and cell phone.

The adult film actress that was found in the Eloise suite is now suing Sheen for incidents that happened that night. Oddly enough, the incidents that are just being disclosed today.

According to The Huffington Post, Anderson told Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos Monday morning that Sheen yelled racial slurs, grabbed her by the neck and threw a lamp at her. She also stated that there is absolutely no truth in the idea that she was paid for sex. A $3,500 payment for dinner was the deal.

Anderson plans to file a criminal report with New York City police for battery and false imprisonment.

Guess the two won't be keeping touch.

Charlie Sheen's Naked Night With Drugs

Tables thrown, $7,000 in damages and some partying fun with a hooker. Just the usual week night for Charlie Sheen.

Early this morning the Two and a Half Men star was brought to the hospital after he flipped out in the Plaza Hotel's Eloise suite. According to The New York Post, a naked hooker in the room is the one that called the police when Sheen started freaking out that he couldn't find his cell phone or wallet.

Sheen admitted to snorting cocaine but his rep later stated that it had just been an allergic reaction. The excuses are getting old, my friend.