Urban Zoom

David Molander
opened up his solo show at Storefront for Art and Architecture at the beginning of August. Molander, a native of Stockholm Sweden, introduces his month-long presentation of an international metropolitan journey with support from the Swedish General Consulate and Arts Council.

At first glance of the feature, your first question is, “Where is the door?” Viewers enter the show through a puzzle-like wall display jutting out onto the sidewalk. The large facade panels hold images from the Occupy Wall Street Movement in 2011 and can be seen from both sides of the streets. The gallery physically tells the story of political unrest and the ever-changing state of New York streets, culture, and life, with the city itself as a backdrop.

The Devil Wears Red, White & Blue?

Despite being the inspiration behind Meryl Streep’s role of Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada,” Anna Wintour was reportedly regarded as a “good sport” about the rather negative portrayal of the bobbed and sun-glassed fashion mogul. Undoubtedly the English-born Editor-in-Chief, a position she has held since 1988, has perfected an ability to persevere through high-pressure situations. Which may be one of many reasons Barack Obama is purportedly considering Wintour for the position of US ambassador to either the UK or France.

Things Just Got Real: Geraldo Visits Occupy Wall Street

The saga of Occupy Wall Street continues. And things have now escalated to another level: Geraldo Riviera visited the protest over the weekend. Though, no vaults were revealed and no chairs were thrown (to our disappointment), he did have some words for protesters in classic Geraldo Riviera mustache-slinging style.

Once again, he's being accused of being "uninformed" in his remarks. Poor Geraldo can never catch a break. According to The New York Observer, someone heckled from the crowd, "Get a job!" Curious thing to say --the last time I checked Geraldo is indeed employed, unlike a large majority of the protesters. So without further ado, here's Geraldo and all his mustache glory:

Venice Beach hosts Topless Day for Equality or something

On August 21st, 'progressive' Venice Beach hosts their annual 'Go Topless Day.' Apparently the idea behind the alleged movement is "equality." Their message: if men are legally allowed to expose their breasts, women should be able to as well. But is that what we really want?

Truthfully, there are enough men with terrible bodies running around topless, the last thing we really want to see is women doing the same. The simple fact is, gravity is not kind as we age. The case is especially true when it comes to breasts. For both women AND men. (Mansierre, anyone?) So why they would be campaigning for more unnecessary exposure is beyond our comprehension.

The Dog & Pony Show at Cielo

Paris Hilton, leave your pony at the hotel. Hipster, leave your lab at the loft. No pets (except your boyfriend) allowed tomorrow at Cielo, where The Dog and Pony Show presents Butch, a German-Turkish DJ Butch.

Weiner, Twitter and Classy Guys

Imagine if social media was around back in the Clinton days? It would have surely proven that there was more than a little Lewinsky going on in the ol' oval office. In fact, it's safe to say over centuries people would have gotten away with a lot less. Social media (especially Facebook and Twitter) are the new-age whistle blowers. Whatever scandal comes about, you can almost guarantee it's going to be outed on Twitter within hours. Who would have ever imagined this little one-liner, social status update site would become a place for breaking news in 140 characters or less? I certainly didn't.

Around Town, The Republican Challenge

Meat Packing

It's a Thursday. I’m trying to get off the couch because it's already been a long week. Then, the incentive to get motivated comes in the form of a text message from Jessica White. Sport Illustrated models always get me motivated. She’s in town, bored and wants to hangout. My response? I’m in! She’s staying at the Standard Hotel. I offer to pick her up because I haven’t been there yet and I’m curious. The hotel lobby is small and there is a cute little bar that services the lobby. I’m sure there’s more to come. Mean while, Ms. White has me waiting 20 minutes. Jeez… I love it!

The New Philosophy

Model Talk

Okay. It’s true. Greenhouse, my latest haunt in Soho, opened with a lot of fanfare but probably opened a little late in the season, missing out on Diddy’s Election Day/ Birthday Party and not nearly in enough time to really get our grove before the holidays. But let me say, Greenhouse is now “the” NYC Hot Spot.

It hasn’t been easy. I won't get into the various inner sanctum minutia that drives me, and most that have integrity in this business, crazy, but I have other club owners call with threats about competing on “their” nights and “stealing promoters”. Crap like that from people with egos that are bigger than they should be. A sizable ego is a must for success in any industry but please… the bullshit from some in this business, as if any of us are the originators of the industry, is just showing your hand and highlights insecurities that wouldn’t otherwise be obvious. Well, not that obvious.

Let The Games Begin

Cipriani Upstairs

Thursday nights Fall re-opening was amazing! I had a hot little crew with me - Dovile Virsilaite, her best friend Kirsten and Russian model Guzel. Dovile and Kirsten joined me Upstairs after dinner and we got crazy. My associate “Slim” rolled in with Nima Yamini and took over a swath of the room with eight or nine models. I honestly couldn’t tell you who else was there. But a thank you to all that came to help celebrate - including Damon Dash, who holds meetings outside of Cipriani on an almost daily bases, hyped about his new #1 single.

August - UGGGHHH!


Week In Review

My apologies for the lack of entries over the last 2 weeks. But, I’m back. The summer has flown by. I have had plenty of opportunity to go away but the timing has been all wrong. So I’ve roamed the city and headed out to the Hamptons a few times. So what’s been going on? Well a little bit of everything. Where do I start?

Fashion Week is fast approaching and everyone’s starting to come back so we’re opening Upstairs at Cipriani early. The date is this Thursday, August 28th, play throughout the weekend with Karaoke this Sunday and get crazy all of next week. I’ve been going to everyone else’s places but they seem to just be a stop on the way home. I don’t know why but it's true. BIASED BUT TRUE…