Dots Done Right: How to Wear Polka Dots this Summer

The classic polka dot pattern is back in a big way. The pattern, made famous by Minnie Mouse and itsy-bitsy bikinis, is showing up on everything from hats and dresses, to underwear and umbrellas. Which means, for those of you who are pattern-shy, there is an easy way for you to incorporate them into your wardrobe too! No need to mix patterns if you don’t feel like it; these hot spots look great on their own.

Seeing Spots Before Our Eyes!

We love polka dots! But how do we wear them without looking like we are channelling that famous polka dot fan, Minnie Mouse? The key is to keep your color palate simple: Red and white screams 'Disney' but black and white always oozes sophistication. If you want 'stand out' look no further than Marc Jacobs ladylike, knee length skirt. The polka dots are just a fraction of a shade lighter than that of the skirt's black base. But the piece refrains from being demure through the use of rubber, the skirts key material.

Or how about Gucci's long, chiffon, black and white polka dot dress? Completely transparent (short- like underwear required!) , the only nod to 'Minnie Mouse; is the large white bow which sits on top of the collar. For a less dramatic, cozy take on the trend try a dotty woolen piece. Lanvin works its luxe magic with a long length, fitted, muslin and wool cardigan. The sheer black spots against the dense wool of the fabric adds a detail which discretely whispers glamor....not a mouse in sight!

Maticevski Gilded Glam