Stick It for National Something on a Stick Day


Who knew that Pop Tarts needed any improvement? These itty bitty pop tarts look adorable and delicious; if only we could have some coffee on a stick to pair it with.


Practical yet creative, a munchkin donut on a stick is a sweetooth's dream appetizer.


We'll be taking our gourmet breakfast to go on a stick today!

#5 Burgers on a Stick

Is it just us, or do these make you feel like Alice in Wonderland when she grows too much? We are so down with sliders on a stick!

TRENDING NOW! Spring 2014

Tribal Tropicana, Pop Art, & Sports Center: GlamDamnIt's Top 3 Womenswear Trends for Spring!

POPART: Pop Art is homage to beautifully bold and bright colors, abstract prints, textured fabrics, and freedom of expression. Like a fine painting, the Pop Art trend rips the brushstrokes from the lonely canvas and plasters it on the garment for the world to see. Whether being inspired by political street muralists like Miuccia Prada, or the graffiti-style of Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, spring is proving to be a season of exploration, and your body is the perfect canvas.

Art That Really Pops!

Mitch McGee creates art that pops. His colorful pop art pieces are at once sharp and pleasantly subdued. His work, however, takes a very steady hand and unconventional canvas. That’s because McGee carves out the features of his subjects and places them against a wood backdrop. His art is what he calls “somewhere between painting and sculpture”, and that is, indeed, what it feels like. The textures pop with life as certain features are lifted off the canvas. However, because the wood has its own texture, the viewer’s eye is still drawn to the stunning flat surface.

The Daily Robot

The duo over at The Daily Robot love dissecting an old childhood favorites or pop culture pieces of the mechanical persuasion and just making them all look a little terrifying in the process. They do intricate and downright pretty schematics of the inner workings of popular icons and amazing minimalist portrayals of, what else, robots.

Each schematic piece has tons of imagination and detail put into it. It takes a lot of imagination to conjure these fictional inner workings. In honor of the Oscars, for example, they drew the inner workings on their titular award, stripping it down to its fictional veins. Fans of video games will no doubt be fascinated, as the artists created pieces depicting inside of Capcom icon, Megaman’s buster gun. Miles Donovan, artist for the site, even drew a schematic for the human heart.

Joonbug Hosts Halloween 2010 Bash at The Collective
Neon Trees Take the Stage for Fashion Week

The first person to stand on the catwalk just after 11 a.m. at today's Express Your Love Spring 2011 Fashion Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion sponsored by Style360 wasn't decked out in the freshest gear for the 2011 spring season. In fact, the person wasn't even a female. It was Neon Trees' lead singer Tyler Glenn, who sported a black mo-hawk, snow-white sunglasses, a slim-fitting purple velvet jacket, checkered grey pants tucked into black socks dotted with skulls and crossbones, and clunky, untied black boots. And just as the last few seats were filled and the lights narrowed down to the stage, he clicked the microphone, put it to his lips, and started to wail.

Bananas, Bands, and Library Cards

Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker, and Doug Yule, members of the pioneering New York City art band The Velvet Underground, will be reuniting for a public appearance at the New York Public Library on December 8. The influential musicians will not be joining together for yet another band reformulation, but they will be key speakers in a panel discussion with rock journalist David Fricke to discuss their music and influence in the budding art scene that germinated from New York during the sixties.

The band forum, a part of the “LIVE from the NYPL” series, is a response to growing interest in the group by way of the release of the new book, The Velvet Underground: New York Art. The book contains a rare collection of handwritten music and lyrics by Reed, unseen performance photographs, underground press clippings, and posters and cover art by Andy Warhol, the group’s manager/producer during their early years.