Dying to Get Psycho?

Have your secretary make an appointment for April 6th at The Tribeca Underground. Travel back to 1980 and make sure to bring your giant cell phone and don all the right attire. Brought to you by BBQ Films, hosts of pop-up movie nights throughout the city, this epic evening event celebrates Patrick Bateman's 27th birthday. The event is broken down into two screenings of American Psycho and features your favorite tunes from the '80s, including Huey Lewis, Whitney Houston, and Genesis. Join Pierce & Pierce employees for cocktails at the secret club under the Tribeca Grand Hotel and enjoy a special performance by the Silent Drape Runners, a photo booth with your own Robert Palmer girl backup dancer, and more. If you wanna rock out with your chainsaw out, then this is the place to be. Check out all the available ticket options below!

Coast to Coast: A Night of Food, Drinks, and Entertainment

This week, GastroAlchemy’s founder, Chef Brandon Chavannes, issued a press release regarding a new series of pop up events at Little Italy’s Grotta Azzurra restaurant. He is teaming up with Abed Awad to combine the city’s most impressive food, drinks, and entertainment. The first event, “Coast to Coast”, is a four course dining extravaganza that will synthesize Mediterranean, Caribbean, South American, and African coastal cuisine. A special beer and cocktail menu will also be provided and will reflect aspects of Chavannes’ coastal theme. It is expected that “the décor and ambiance will embrace rusticity and maintain the casual atmosphere of a restaurant on the water, where one might stop to enjoy the breeze coming off the sea”.