Restaurant Review: Pounds and Ounces

This past week, Joonbug had the opportunity to sample the new Late Night Until 3AM menu at Pounds and Ounces. Located at the corner of 18th St. and 8th Avenue in the perenially trendy neighborhood of Chelsea, Manhattan. P&O serves up quality American fare in a fashion-forward setting. Their late night menu offers a wide variety of excellent dishes, perfect for famished club goers returning from a night in the Meatpacking District looking to fuel further nocturnal adventures.

Long Live the P&O Lamb Burger

Pounds & Ounces new lamb burger is juicy, messy, and packed full of flavor. Eating this Mediterranean creation is a sort of adventure. As with any adventure, you must decide on your initial approach. Will you dive in head first, grabbing the massive burger with your bare hands and risking the possibility that it’ll end up all over your face and/or shirt? Or will you approach cautiously, gently separating bite sized pieces of the burger with a fork and knife?

Here’s a recommendation for you: this is as good a time as any to dive in head-first. There’s something wonderfully subversive about picking up a big, saucy burger and letting the harissa aioli drip down your fingers while sitting in a neighborhood as clinically pristine as Chelsea. The composition of this burger is elegant—artistic, even, but the process of eating it is refreshingly messy. After all, life is too short to eat like the Queen is watching.

Take a Shot of Love for Anti-Violence

Want to change the world? Hate to break it to you, but it may be a little harder than it seems. But starting now, Shot of Love will give you a chance to "change the world when you change your mind."

$5 is all you need to contribute to the New York City Anti-Violence Project when Pounds & Ounces, an emerging night hotspot for couples, singles, girls-night out, and even Sunday brunch, hosts a very special promotion called Shot of Love. By enjoying a shot of Sweet Revenge, a Wild Strawberry “Sour-Mash” for only $5, Shot of Love helps Pounds & Ounces customers contribute toward a great cause. Pound & Ounces will be donating all proceeds spent on this special pink shot toward the NYC Anti-Violence Project. According to their promotion, Shot of Love believes that this special will help people "Change the world when you change your mind."

We Like It Hot

The best way to warm up this time of year is by heating up your insides with a delicious hot spiked bevy. We've rounded up the tastiest, most unique hot cocktails around the city for you to try out at home or at the bar, from hot ciders to teas to everything inbetween! Cheers!

Bourbon Cream (Served at KTCHN)

2 ½ oz. Old Forester bourbon

1 oz. heavy cream

½ oz. cinnamon syrup

Steamed hot and sprinkled with cinnamon, nutmeg, and raw sugar.

Disturbingly Divine Halloween Dinner

Don't let the kiddies have all the fun this Halloween - adults, err, foodies know how to get down, too. This one's for you! Luckily, Pounds & Ounces in Chelsea is hosting a 'Disturbingly Divine' Halloween dinner party on October 31st. There will be plenty of tricks and treats at this fiesta. Not only will DJ Jimmy Prada be mixing spooky tunes all evening long, but there will be specialty Halloween cocktails and a tasting menu built around The Seven Deadly Sins created by Chef Cipollone. You can see the full menu below.

Sweet Deals in the City

SoHo's Italian alcove Principessa is now offering Happy Hour specials every Tuesday through Friday from 5-7 pm. The happy hour will feature half-price specialty cocktails and select wines and all drinks will be served along with complimentary goat cheese fritters. Yum!

Principessa is located at
199 Prince St (between MacDougal and Sullivan)

Starting today, October 8th, newly opened Tre Stelle will be serving up a seven-course meal paired with Italian wines every Monday evening at 8:30pm. Each course will be a surprise to the diner, so no need to stress about what to pick from the menu. Buon appetito!

Summer Sign-Off: Hit Up These Places

These last few days of summer are precious so take advantage and do all things summer: enjoy the outdoors, bqq, and cool off with something cool 'n' sweet. Check out all of these New York City restaurants offering up just what you need!

Folks who want to relax in Washington Square Park should order pizza picnic boxes from Pizza Roma on Bleecker Street in the West Village. These clever carryout containers, named after parks in Rome, are filled with the restaurant’s signature Roman-style pizza al taglio (square pizza by the cut), Paninis, fresh summer salads, and more.

To host a barbecue feast near the East River Esplanade or in your own backyard, turn to Neely’s Barbecue Parlor on the Upper East Side. The restaurant offers hefty picnic baskets to feed three ($89) and an even larger option to feed five ($149), both of which come with items like chopped beef brisket sandwiches, spicy pinto beans with burnt ends and warm peach crisp.

Huge F&Kn Burger Takes Over Pounds & Ounces

Pounds & Ounces has been on an upgrade rampage. Just recently they opened a sidewalk cafe and their awesome double happy hours. But now it's time to meet their new burger: The F&Kn Burger (Fork & Knife Burger).

This 8 ounce monstrosity ($26) comes with onion marmalade, fontina cheese, pineapple braised short ribs, more fontina cheese, lettuce, and pickled green tomato chips. You can even choose to add Foie Gras on top your your burger.

This ain't your regular Burger King Whopper. Check out this bad boy asap!

Psst: Pounds & Ounces Has Opened a New Sidewalk Cafe

Pounds & Ounces has just opened a new sidewalk cafe! Enjoy the summer days and nights by pulling up a seat at one of the 34 provided at the new outdoor space. The full menu is now available for brunch, lunch and dinner. Order up a delicious lobster corn dog or a ribeye slider.

Pounds & Ounces

160 Eighth Avenue (corner of 18th street)

12PM-12AM,Friday and Saturday till 1AM

Yes, Please: Pounds & Ounces Introduces Double Happy Hours

The Chelsea hot spot Pounds & Ounces is kicking off a new Happy Hour from 4-7pm on weekdays, as well as after 11pm on Sundays through Thursdays!

Dine at the bar or a communal table and choose from a selection of bar bites, including lobster corn dogs, battered fries dipped in Gunpowder sauce (yes, that is the lingo for homemade BBQ sauce with Pop Rocks - we're psyched too), and more.

The rockin' bites range from $4-$5, which is practically free by New York standards.

And if you've ever been to Pounds & Ounces, you know it's always popping --the perfect spot for late night eats and cocktails.