FASHION NEWS NOW: Lupita Nyong’o, Rihanna and Jared Leto at Miu Miu, Katie Holmes sits pretty on the cover of Elle UK, while Hayden Paneittiere gets ready for the wedding of her dreams!

Lupita Nyong’o poses with Rihanna, and cozies up to Jared Leto!

Still fresh from her Best Supporting Actress win at the Academy Awards this past Sunday, fashion trend setter, Lupita Nyong’o made some time to land in France for Paris Fashion Week where she was spotted at Miu Miu’s 2014-2014 runway show. The Hollywood “it girl” also made some time backstage to pose for press with fellow fashionista Rihanna.

Oscars 2014 : Let's Talk Fashion

With Ellen as host, and a list of nominees so impressive, Oscar night 2014 was set to be a fabulous affair, and it did not disapoint. Filled with all the right amounts of laughter, sap, and pizza, the show pulled on our heartstrings, inspired us, and even whet our appetites.

As always, Glam Damn It kept a watchful eye on the fashion, noting all the successes and cringing at the failures. Although there were hundreds of contenders, here are our top and bottom choices from the night.

Prada's Fantastical Campaign Release

We have undoubtedly seen a marvelous assortment of campaign videos to welcome in the Fall/Winter 2013 season. In order to keep the trend going, Prada has released their own short film which announces what expect from thier fall 2013 collection. Inspired by classic movies and art, the italian-based fashion house has created a fantastical, dream-like video that may, in terms of production, be the most unique thus far!

Employing the Rotterdam-based creative agency, AMO, Prada takes on a new artistic direction. The video is titled, "Real Fantasies" in order to create a relationship between their line and a dream state, or imaginative reality. The video shows live action models within an artistic display of flat colors and geometric shapes, giving viewers the impression that they are living in an alternate, artistically-driven world.

The Lowdown on Low Ponies & Full Frontal Fringe

Spring dos are all about being natural, easy, and very organic.A hair out of place is totally acceptable. We are not looking for perfection on the head in fact, undone hair is what it is all about!

We are going to give you a round up of our top favorite hair looks!

Lowdown on Low Ponies: The low ponytail is a favorite among Spring hair looks. It comes in a variety of styles from sleek and neat to messy. What you have to remember is to keep the pony super low. Leave a few strands of hair to flow naturally in their place and keep the pony loose around the ears. The new low pony also looks super vogue by tying in hair extensions to elongate the look. A wispy low pony can be worn anywhere, at anytime, and is super easy to accomplish. This look has more than conquered the runway !

Flats Are Getting a Makeover: Introducing Smoking Slippers

Take the practicality of ballet flats, add sleek details or outrageous features, and you have a more refined version of the classic shoe. Smoking slippers are quickly replacing everyday flats as the go-to shoe for stylish women on the go. Like their predecessor, the different routes you can take when selecting your pair of smoking slippers are endless; below are four of the main categories of the new shoe trend!

Classic: Smoking slippers in simple designs with basic fabrications and small yet lavish details are perfect for the woman who wants to keep her shoes as sleek and chic as possible. These shoes by Yves Saint Laurent are the perfect example; with a slight heel and a metal cap toe, they are simple yet stylish. Giorgio Armani and Prada's versions of the simple smoking slipper are other examples of a classic shoe that stands out due to their fine details and sophisticated look.

Rock Out With Your Croc Out

Exotic skins such as crocodile and python have always had a glorified place in women's fashion but only recently have these skins crawled their way into men's fashion. Accessories made out of crocodile-like skin and crocodile-embossed items have become standard in the menswear shows. Croc is a great way to enhance your look with a luxe element while also making a bold sartorial statement. Read on to see how to incorporate some croc into your look from cufflinks to full on crocodile bags. As always, we recommend opting for more environmentally friendly "faux" croc over the "real thing."

Shady Ways: 4 Timeless Frames You Should Own

There's no doubt that sunglasses have become a lucrative mega industry. Not only do they protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also 'up' our style factor. From aviators, to cat eye and Wayfarers, it's safe to say sunglasses are a staple in just about everyone's wardrobe. They're like great jeans, everyone should own a few good pairs! Check out some styles we adore and their less expensive, equally stylish counterparts.

You can't go wrong with these sunglasses. This timeless frame compliments most face shapes and they're especially trendy right now. Go for classic gold or try something different with a pop of color!

Sweet & Chic: Resort 2013 Trends to Wear Now

The Resort 2013 runways were filled with a huge assortment of trends. From wild prints, to cut-out pieces, and leather—designers had fun mixing it up for us. Below we show you some of the hottest trends of the season and how to get the look right now for less!


Though it might not be your first choice for warm weather, leather was all over the runways for Resort 2013. So ease it into your wardrobe as temperatures drop in the upcoming months and it will be your go-to trend to hold you over between Fall and Spring. We saw this tough textile make appearances in shorts, shifts, and even short sleeve shirts.

Sisters Doin’ It Themselves: 3 DIY Blogs You'll Love

Recently, the popularity of crafting and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects has been on the rise. You see it all over the internet, particularly on sites like Pinterest. People are choosing to get creative with everything from beauty, food recipes, furniture, jewelry, and clothing. And they’re teaching you, the reader, how to do it in step-by-step formats. Usually with beautifully photographed instructions that make you think, “What can’t this girl do?”

Below are three remarkable blogs that supply plenty of inspiring projects to satisfy your creative side. What’s more, you’ll actually want to do them!