Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Not Named Prince George's Godparents

Prince George was christened at the Chapel Royal in St. James Palace on October 23. Guests at the intimate affair included members of the royal family and Kate Middleton’s family, as well as the Prince’s seven godparents.

Not included on the list of the Prince’s godparents were Prince William’s brother, Prince Harry, and the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa Middleton. Many assumed that they would be named godparents to their nephew.

Prince William’s cousin, Zara Tindall, is the only royal that was chosen as a godparent. The royal couple decided to break tradition and instead have close friends of theirs serve as godparents instead.

Although Prince Harry and Pippa were not chosen as godparents they still took part in the christening by each reading a Bible verse also known as a “lesson.”

Top Adult Halloween Costumes of 2012
  1. Tan Mom
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  3. Honey Boo Boo Child
  4. The Sh*t Girls Say Guy
  5. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
  6. Michelle & Barack Obama
  7. Ann & Mitt Romney
  8. Kate Middleton & Prince William
  9. Snooki & Baby
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This Just In: Prince Harry is Coming to America...

Isn't it time for another royal invasion? Will & Kate left way too soon!

Never fear, Royal Wedding fans: Prince Harry, 26, is coming to the United States! England's most famous little brother is prepping for a three-month stay.

Harry's spokesman Nick Loughran has confirmed with the Daily Mail that the second heir to the throne will arrive both in California and Arizone to attend Apache helicopter training courses (the job entails operators to use the helicopters to hunt and destroy tanks). After he has completed training, Prince Harry will officially become an Apache pilot and could possibly be re-positioned back in Afghanistan, despite being pulled out in 2007 after the foreign media found out about his location.

William & Kate Set to Party in the USA

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have landed in Los Angeles. It's official: William and Kate are on American soil!

Eep! As you can tell, yours truly is a fan. Ah, can't help it; weddings, fairytales, royalty, fortune...don't we all dream of that as children (and adults)? Today, 07/08/2011, the hot couple arrived in LAX to begin their first U.S. tour as husband and wife.

The adorable pair had just finished their visit from Canada, yet neither seem to show any signs of jetlag. Simply picturesque, as if they graced the pages of I'm Awesome magazine. Prince William donned a clean dark blue suit while English rose Kate (ahem, Duchess Catherine) wore a simple yet chic lavendar dress and perfectly paired it off with nude-colored pumps. The Duke and Duchess were immediately given a delightful welcome from Governor Jerry Brown, his wife Anne, and Antonio Villaraigosa -- the mayor of Los Angeles. Anne presented Kate with a lovely bouquet of red, white & blue flowers.

Latest 'Newsweek' Cover is Offensive to the Royal Family

In this week’s creepy news, the latest cover of Newsweek shows Princess Diana and Kate Middleton walking down the street together. The editors of the magazine used some serious Photoshop techniques to get the late Diana into a recent picture taken of Kate by the paparazzi.

The picture looks as if the two are just out shopping and chatting on the way. Middleton and her mother-in-law are also dressed very similarly. However, they also photoshopped some wrinkles onto Diana’s face to make her look older. Princess Diana would have been 50 years old this year, and this edition of Newsweek was a commemorative one too.

Wedding Trends 2011

There's no doubt about it: weddings are the ultimate social gathering, they beat out birthdays and grad bashes by a long shot. So here are a few trends for 2011 to plan the ultimate party, your wedding!

The dress: This year designer reinvented fable and modernism with vivacious shapes and exquisite fabrics such as; organza, tulle, and light taffeta to create romance. A-line big ball gowns adorned with magnificent blooms and fluttered silk petals. The big skirts accompanied by form-fitting bodices to accentuate the shoulders, the bust and a defined waist If you are not a girl who cares for a big gown; short and sassy is also in, tea length stays sweet and comfortable. Don’t forget to add a dash of color; a hint of bright green, antique gold, coral, purple, deep red and fuchsia are the popular color choices.

Sorry Middleton, but...

Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur Bridal. That's all.

Pippa Middleton Parts Ways with Boo

Pippa the playa is single again!

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a truly spectacular affair indeed. It is quite commendable that despite this day and age, the world can still very much respect a traditional and historical event such as this and celebrate it.

BUT, we are in the modern era after all. Aside from the marriage everyone was waiting for, the true center of the wedding was arguably Pippa Middleton, the beautiful little sister of Kate. Almost instantly, a star was born. However, after only a couple of months in the heavy spotlight, Pippa has broken up with boyfriend Alex Loudon, a former cricket player for England. Reports say that their relationship had taken a backseat to her newfound fame.

Be Kind to Your Smile
We're pretty tough on our teeth. We drink teeth staining coffee and soda, chew on ice, and tear open plastic wrappers with them. This summer, take the initiative and be kind to your teeth by treating them to some much deserved TLC and restoring them to their pearliest and whitest form.
How To Throw a Royal Wedding Party on a Pauper’s Budget

With Kate and William's wedding mere days away, the office of Joonbug, like most offices in America, are buzzing with last-minute details, tidbits and gossip of wedding madness about to begin just over the pond.

What will she wear? What will they arrive in? Who is going? However, all these questions pale in size to the real question: what are you serving? If you are celebrating the momentous day, why not gain some initiative, slip on that sexy white dress and plan a mini-wedding spectacular of your own?

Here are three quick tips to dazzle your hungry crowd in royal style without breaking the bank.