Messages From Beyond

The world is divided into skeptics and believers. I have always been a skeptic, yet intrigued by these things that most cannot understand. Thomas John has made a true believer out of me. Medium and psychic, Thomas has been blessed with a gift that he's utilized since the age of four. He currently has a full-time private practice in which he helps others connect with loved ones and gives psychic advice. Not only is he a published author and life coach, but he is also known for providing his services to high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, and Sean Young. But even that won't convince many of true psychic existence. I went to Thomas's office to conduct an interview, but I left with a lot more than just that. Thomas John began by giving me a full reading, in which he said some truly unbelievable things. He relayed messages to me from my grandmother (who recently passed) knowing details about her life, some of which even I didn't know about until I told my mother what had happened afterwards. It was utterly astonishing to hear what he had to say and I will always remember that experience. But wouldn't you like to know a little bit more about the man behind the medium? Read the interview below!

Sebastian Black's 'Psychic' Theater Will Blow Your Mind

Sebastian learned that he had special abilities when he was nine years old and a relative passed away. After the funeral, he was talking to his grandpa (who passed) in his bedroom. When he told his parents they were upset and obviously didn't believe him, until he told them what he said. Sebastian told his parents where some of his grandpa's possessions were hidden and lo and behold, when his parents checked it out, there they were.

During the show, you will be astonished when Sebastian knows what audience members draw or write on a piece of paper, simply by touching the envelope it is enclosed in or tell you what word you picked out in a book by touching that book while blindfolded. Of course, every show is different and dependent on the audience, so be forewarned that anything that happens during the show is unexpected.

Glasslands Gallery Hosts Musical Tribute to John Lennon

Twenty-nine years after the death of John Lennon, fans continue to pay tribute to his memory, music, and worldview. Many will make a pilgrimage to the Strawberry Fields in Central Park. Others will sit at home listening to their well worn copy of Revolver, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, or ok, maybe even Yellow Submarine. For the members of Acrylics, Amazing Baby, Gillian Rivers and the SET Quartet, Here We Go Magic, Lauren Bahr, Nicole Atkins, Psychic, The Royal Chains, and Suckers performing tonight at Glasslands Gallery (8 pm, $6 cover), a memorial show is their way of remembering a person that changed music, even before he began to think about changing the world.