Stylizer: Movie Night for Fashion Lovers

Whether you were into kinderwhore or hypercolors, the 90’s were an exciting time in personal fashion. Not everything always made sense (ultra low rise jeans, anyone?) but it was certainly always interesting.

Naturally, the films produced during that time reflect this smorgasbord-aesthetic. Every girl remembers the first time they saw “Titanic” or “Clueless”. We remember sobbing with our friends at the end of “Cruel Intentions,” cheering on the protagonists of “Pretty Women” and “A League of Their Own,” and having our jaws drop during the adrenaline needle scene of “Pulp Fiction.” While these films are not exactly all Oscar-winners, they have stood the test of time in a different way. The reason it was so easy for us to jump right into the worlds of the characters was due to the flawless work of their costume designers.

Porky's Revenge

In the classic Pulp Fiction breakfast scene (I know, I know, what scene isn't classic in that film) between John Travotla and Samuel L. Jackson, Jules Winnfield proclaims he "just don't dig on swine." His explanation for this declaration is that pigs are "filthy animals" and that he doesn't eat filthy animals. While Jules has his strong opinions about his dietary restrictions, I'm sure plenty of bacon loving party-goers won't share the same sentiment as they head to Brooklyn for 3rd Ward 's 4th Annual Pig Out on Saturday, July 23rd, from 2-9pm. The celebration will include innovative BBQ delights, live music, DJs, and some education demos. The live music will include the bands Union Street Preservation Society and the Northern Bells.

You're Only Supposed to Blow the Bloody Doors Off

There’s that one of those actors from Reservoir Dogs in their black suits. The one of Uma Thurman smoking a cigarette with her black bob hair cut and long legs crossed seductively. There’s also that one of Al Pacino with the machine gun, covered in blood and sweat. Then there’s the one of… you, and your friends, at 7am, the morning after the big night before, and the tagline reads… whatever the hell you want it to read. It’s your movie poster, and you are the lead role, the director, the producer, and the script-writer. Welcome to the creative force of For a meager $75, Etsy can take any image you give them, and, according to a list of preferences, likes and dislikes you have, as well as a few more intuitive questions, create the perfect cinematic rendering to commemorate that note-worthy time in your life.