Radio City Welcomes Feist and Florence + The Machine

May is looking to be a great month for concerts, made all the better by the one-two punch of Feist and Florence + The Machine at Radio City Music Hall. These two distinctive vocalists are playing respective shows, the first week of May. Catch Feist on May 5th and Florence on May 8th. Get your tickets soon, as these two ladies are sure to perform to sold-out crowds!

Feist, formerly of seminal indie band Broken Social Scene, has been making solo albums for a few years now, layering her sweet, subtle vocals upon a bed of folk and indie pop. Best known for songs like "1234" and "My Moon My Man," Feist has begun enjoying crossover success as more and more people begin to realize what talent she possesses.

Making the Best of NYC's Frigid Winter

It's upon us. The brutal,infamous NYC winter. We already got a little taste of it with the recent (way too early!) snow storm. While we're enjoying a streak of beautiful fall days as of late, the pleasure won't last as the frigid winter sneaks upon us. It's inevitable, so we might as well make the best of all NYC has to offer during the winter months. As it is quite beautiful in its own right. While there’s something to make each season your favorite, we can’t help but love both summer concerts and winter galas. We have to admit that the allure of getting high off of crisp air and shopping on 5th just before Christmas, is insurmountable. It might be the fact that everything glistens, and glimmers, from the diamond shine of falling snow to the crackling warmth of your portable Manhattan fireplace. So in celebration of the coziest time of the year, here or our top things to do in and around NYC this winter.

Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is back in New York with a new show set to amaze audiences in Radio City Music Hall. Zarkana is the story of a magician named Zark played by French-Canadian singer Garou who is on a quest to find his lost love and former co-star Lia, played by Cassiopée, who also takes on the role of many of the villains. The show bills itself as a rock opera of amazing sights and sounds.

The show opens with an amazing juggling act performed by Maria Choodu. She effortlessly juggles while dancing, walking through the stage, and up a staircase, where she then take a dive off of a la Black Swan. From there, the stunts and acts in the show only get more and more death defying and complex. Dividing up the tension are two clowns, one tall and one short. They are there to provide slap stick and physical comedy, which may annoy some adults, but had children in the audience charmed. They are featured throughout the show to allow the next act to set up their props and increasingly win over the crowd. They’re needed! The poor Zark spends most of his time lamenting the loss of Lia as he journeys through different worlds filled with spider-women (no relation to Turn Off the Dark’s Spider-Man) and snakes, and it would be a sadder show without them.

However, the real draw is perhaps what makes the show a more traditional circus. Every circus act, from the hoop twirlers to the acrobats to the high wire walkers and more are a display of extreme talent and awe-inspiring precision. There are about twelve of these acts total, and those who aren’t fans dramatic love stories or slapstick will find the meat of the show here. One of the most amazing displays was the Wheel of Death, a large rotating apparatus with two circular holes on either end where two performers (Ray Navas Velez and Rudy Navas Velez) serve as “pilots”, balancing and spinning the device with their bodies. As the act grows in intensity, they leave their comparably safe hoop and perform on the devices outer rim, jumping rope and running high in the air. They are followed by many brilliant flag twirlers and acrobats that stole the audience’s heart.

Those attending will want to make sure they head back from intermission on time. At the second act’s opening, artist Erika Chen creates brilliant paintings with sand on a light box which is projected onto a large screen. The paintings form within moments and from seemingly simple shapes and hand movements, almost like a magic trick all on its own. The show is safe for all audiences and although the storyline is a little hokey, it serves its purpose well enough and is easily forgiven once the viewers’ eyes are drawn to the stunning staging which switches up at just about every act and the performances therein.

Drake Official Afterparty at Greenhouse Tonight

Drake will be performing at Radio City Music Hall tonight in Manhattan. Following his appearance in Midtown, he will be heading down to Greenhouse for the official party following the concert.

Gaslight Anthem Brings It Home To Jersey

The legendary Stone Pony continues to be a place where the best names in rock ‘n roll gather to scream, shout, bop, swing, and fist pump their ways into history. Last night the summer stage was alive with one of the hottest new breakout bands from Jersey, Gaslight Anthem. Touring in support of their recently released megahit, American Slang, they played a nearly two-hour set with over twenty songs and they showed no signs of stopping.

The most impressive part of the show was singer Brian Fallon. Where did the guy with the wavering warbly voice from “’59 Sound” two years ago get this hard-rocking, Chris Cornell-style belt?? He commanded respect and admiration from the audience as his voice tore through their new album. They opened with “American Slang,” and his voice did not let up from then until the end.

Katy Perry Shows Off Her Assets

Katy Perry decided to tell the world that she sexts her fiancé. In a recent interview with Elle, Katy was asked about sending Russell Brand pictures of her boobs. Here is what she had to say:

Elle: Did you really text Russell [Brand, her fiancé] a photo of your breasts after meeting him for the first time last year at Radio City Music Hall?

Katy Perry: Something went down, but, of course, I would never give away that much!

Elle: What exactly did you show him?

Katy Perry: Well… I send him pictures of my boobs now, but we’re getting married, so that’s all right. I think all girls do that.

Well at least she’s honest!

New York's Favorite Comedians On One Stage

Check out this hilarious video of Conan O’ Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart dancing and singing the night away at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall.

New Kids On The Block Ticket Giveaway

With the release of the single "Summertime" two years ago, New Kids On The Block kicked off their international tour. The pop group that was formed in the 1980s blasted to superstardom and rocked radio's Top 40 with "Please Don't Go Girl" and "You Got It." The tour that reunited the group came with a pact to pause their individual projects to give fans a paramount performance worldwide. For the first time, New Kids On The Block will perform on stage at New York City's legendary Radio City Music Hall beginning on June 17.

Lady Gaga Passes Out Before Indiana Show

It seems impossible to read any sort of news article these days and not be slapped in the face with Lady Gaga's latest saga. And maybe it's for a reason; Lady Gaga has been pretty much everywhere on her Monster Ball tour to promote Fame Monster. She's even met the Queen of England and shot an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. It's no wonder that the omnipresent Gaga may have had too much on her plate when she was forced to cancel her show at Indiana's Purdue University last Thursday.

NYC Concerts

September 16th Rodrigo y Gabriela. The unbelievably talented Mexican acoustic guitar duo is playing a show at Terminal 5. The fingers will fly up and down guitar necks as the pair shred (can you shred on acoustic guitar?) through their unique sound, which combines elements of flamenco, rock and roll, Latin folk guitar, and…metal. They have a famous reworking of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ that cries out to be listened to. Doors at 7 pm, show at 8 pm, $35, Terminal 5, 610 West 56th Street, New York.