Simon Cowell Taps into Foodie T.V.

Producers will stage regional rounds for contestants where they must prove that their recipe celebrates British food. However, there's a lot more to this competition. Winners will face a series of challenges involving their dish in the semi-final and final, and be judged by a panel of “experts."

Gordon Ramsey Gets Another Show

Of the upcoming project, Ramsey says, "These are stories that everyone can relate to because virtually all of us have had a bad hotel experience that's turned a holiday or business trip into a total disaster. It's time to put the hospitality industry to the test." We're not really sure why you would want to test people after you've had a "bad hotel experience," or, for that matter, why said experience makes anyone a quality expert. But, who cares, right? He yells! He's British! He'll go for it!

Hotel Hell does not yet have an air date but we'll post all news as we hear it.

Gordon Ramsay Hosts Masterchef

So today I heard some great news. Gordon Ramsay is continuing his tirade of volatile abuse in the US with a remake of British classic cooking show; Masterchef. Ramsay originally became a television sensation when Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares aired in the UK back in 2005. Since then, his amazing personality and penchant for saying f**k regularly (in January of this year Ramsay caused an outrage whenhe swore 243 times, 187 of them ‘fuck’, in a show lasting just 103 minutes) has made him an international house-hold name.