Just Announced: Full List of Record Store Day Releases

April 21st is right around the corner and the people working on Record Store Day just posted a complete (and massive) list of all of the releases!

You're going to need some time wade through all of the choices, but here are some highlights:

Animal Collective: Transverse Temporal Gyrus LP

Arcade Fire: Sprawl II LP

Beach House: Lazuli B/W Equal Mind 7”

Bruce Springsteen: Rocky Ground 7”

Gorillaz: Do Ya Thing 7”

M83: Mirror 7”

Record Store Day 2011

As April 16th, Record Store Day, draws near many artists are revealing what they plan on releasing for the day. Other artists, like the Gorillaz and James Blake, are releasing their music early.

Record Store Day is as a way for independent record store owners to celebrate music. For Record Store Day, artists release music specifically for the day. The Gorillaz will release their most recent record as a special edition vinyl Saturday, while other artists, like Ozzy Osbourne, is releasing their early material.

You can visit the homepage for lists of participating artists and stores.

Celebrating the Third Annual Record Store Day

On April 19th 2008 Metallica kicked off the first ever Record Store Day with a concert at Rasputin Records in San Francisco, CA. A "holiday" of sorts dedicated to celebrating and supporting independently own record stores across the US and the unique culture and scene that surround them. "This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music."

The "About Us" on the official RSD website reads almost like a manifesto, promising promotional releases, merchandise, artists appearances and special concerts. Over the past few year Record Store Day has grown into an international sensation, reaching not just across the US but over the ocean to Europe as well.