Exclusive Q&A with Chef Seth Levine

After being a contestant on Fox's hit reality series Hell's Kitchen in 2007, Chef Seth Levine has been taking the culinary world by storm. Levine has steadily compiled an impressive résumé, which runs the gamut from taking the role as executive chef for both Georgica and Wine and Roses in New York, opening POP YOGURT- one of the hottest frozen yogurt shops in Manhattan, and becoming a contributing editor to the internationally-distributed FOOD Magazine.

New York's Mobile Bake-Shop

Thanks to husband and wife owners Grant Di Mille and Samira Mahboubian, Sweetery's truck wielding freshly made European-inspired pastries, quiches, whoopie pies and brioches is never too far away and is always worth the trip.

Joonbug recently had the chance to sit down with the founders of this ambitious and delicious company.

What's your best-selling item?

Samira: Our "macarellas" and whoopie pies. The macarellas are coconut macaroons filled with nutella. Since we use nutella to fill croissants, we decided to flatten out our cookies, bake them and sandwich them with nutella.

Balls to Die For

If you love red velvet cake, you will love this recipe for Halloween Cake Balls. If you have a few "less than adult-acting" friends, they will get some joke mileage out of the name. Either way, these balls are delicious.

Red Velvet Halloween Cake Balls

1 box cake mix (any type but Red Velvet is great for fall holidays)

1 can frosting

1 bag melting chocolate (any color)

1 bag lollipop sticks

Lil Rae Cakes: Small on Size, Big on Flavor

The woman behind Lil Rae Cakes is Jenny Rae, who started the successful “cake-ball” bakery after prompting from friends and family. Taste one or two of her cake balls and you can see why. Biting into a Lil Rae Cake is like biting into a piece of your southern grandma’s secret family recipe. It is both immensely rich and dense but perfectly light and fluffy at the same time. The vanilla is reminiscent of the animal cookies of your childhood. The lemon inspires visions of a gorgeous lemon pound cake with vanilla frosting dripping down the sides. And, luckily for all of us, that is just the beginning.

Cupcakes for the Elite

In an event that’s too hilarious/sad to be made up, Red Velvet at 174 Rivington St. will be the first exclusive cupcake lounge.

Except it isn’t just a cupcake store, it will be the first (and by god it better be the last) cupcake dispensary with doormen. The uber-lounge will feature a pretentious, Eldridge-style door policy, so you better not be overweight and in sweats if you expect to get in.

For those peons among us who ignore the kind of bar that has laser engraved access cards saying “Guest of Matt Levine,” the Eldridge is a year old restaurant where the only way to get in is to be famous or a dear friend of the owner. Guests can’t even bring their friends, according to the owner himself.