Paramount Bar Brings Old-School Glamour Back to Times Square

The Paramount Hotel has had over 80 years to build its reputation, but despite hosting the prestigious memorial luncheon for Andy Warhol in 1987 (with Yoko Ono and Liza Minelli), its best years may be yet to come. Closed for renovations in 1988 (and again in 2009 after switching ownership in 2007), Paramount has been revamped and has just been completed with the recent reopening of Paramount Bar. Times Square may be considered the "land of the tourists" (and thus, forbidden territory) by most New Yorkers, but the stunning interior of this hotel bar was designed to give locals a tasteful hideout from the masses picture-taking in the middle of the sidewalk.

Local Hotspots for a Spot of Tea

Though tea has long enjoyed an understated popularity, it appears that it's now getting its righteous props. In that spirit, tea preens and postures with its pinkies up, and much like any good debutante, can be found these days making steady appearances as an A-lister at formal tables and local Main Streets.

There is nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a warm mug or in the warmer months, hearing the clunking of crystal ice cubes piled high in a tall glass of the iced variety. It seems like around every corner there’s a new tea coming to market. How does one choose between Earl Grey and English Breakfast? Chamomile or Mango Crème? White tea or green tea?