Resolve Yourself to the New Year

"I love New Year’s resolutions!" said no one ever. Admit it: The only thing worse than ruminating over the past year, determining what needs to change in the coming months, and pretending you're going to stick to your guns is answering fellow NYE party-goers when asked what you will do differently in the coming year. Only a masochist likes to admit they were out of line before and torture themselves for the next 365 days in a traditionally punitive response to said actions. And yet many of us lay claims for future endeavors, whether or not we see it through (past January 2).

But did you know that some people actually (gasp) like New Year's resolutions and look forward to enacting them? You can be that person, too. Promise. It comes down to content and commitment, and it's not as painful as it seems. First, you need to pick a realistic goal. You are a busy human! You work, you relationship, you take care of your home and loved ones and hopefully your self, maybe even a hobby or two-- there's not much time for anything else in your life. There are only so many hours in a day! So start small.

Start a new cycle this year

F$@* the Tour de France, give me Ocean Avenue and better yet give me this bike!

I just found out about Republic Bike's new Plato and Aristotle customized bikes. Now granted, I know nothing about fixed gears and dutch bikes, but Republic Bikes allows you not only to choose between the two styles but they also givesyou the ability to paint the sucker any color you want! Now wouldn't you consider this an ultimate accessory? Now listen. For those of you who made those resolutions to get fit this year, I want you to keep them. And this one, coming in at the hefty price of $400, better be one resolution you keep. Unless, you're the type who just likes having pretty, colorful things to look at.

2011 Fashion Resolutions: Dress the Age

Countdown...10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 Happy New Year!!!!

I would like to start this year out with a little known fact in fashion demographics. You got your kids, your juniors (ages 15-24), men's, women's and so forth. Although identifying with a sex and body type is hard enough, now you've got to factor in your age when it comes to picking out that perfect ensemble for a night out on the town. Now, I'm not saying that once a person reaches a certain age that he or she must surrender to the younger fashionistas and dashing gents of this millennium and fade into obliivion, but what I am saying is this. It is at that moment you must take your style into your own hands and listen to the Great Stylist from Beyond (the GSB).

Stop the New Years Resolutions

Think of every New Year's you have had since now. Bottle of champagne, plastic flute glass, counting down to a brand new year and midnight kisses, always promising yourself this year will be different. But New Year Resolutions are always broken.

Stop making those resolutions. You don’t need a new year to keep to those promises so, don’t waste your time. They will be forgotten in a few months anyway. Don’t set overconfident goals, just take more time this new year to laugh, drink and be merry.

O'Neal McKnight: Round 2

We here at joonbug have a deep appreciation for musicians who play at our parties. If it wasn’t for them, our parties would just be a bunch of people standing around staring at each other like a bad high school reunion. Who wants to party like that?

Nevertheless, we hold a special place on our website for people like O’neal Mcknight. Musician, stylist, and overall great person, O’neal is always ready to bring a positive attitude to everything he puts his mind to. His career is quickly rising to an astronomical level and I was privileged to conduct a follow-up to his Halloween interview to ask him questions about his thoughts on where he’s come from and what to expect for the coming year.

New Years Resolutions in New York

New Years Resolutions, always high hopes and low success rates. This year why not choose an achievable resolution and take positive steps toward achieving that goal.

Each year New Yorkers take on lofty resolutions that are too much for any one person to achieve. By January 15th the diet has failed, you haven’t ran in a week, and you just smoked a cigarette. Rather than try and take on all of these resolutions, why not focus on one? All too often someone makes a resolution to “get healthy” well getting healthy may involve several steps, for now just choose one whether it be eating well, working out, or quitting smoking.