All Access Pass: Showtek @ Pacha NYC, 3/21

Showtek came with the full intention to rock the house this past Friday at Pacha, and they certainly delivered. But what else would you expect from the brotherly Dutch duo? Known for their hard hitting style of music and bass heavy performances, Showtek has really built a name for themselves as one of the best electronic duos out right now. With banger after banger being released by them in recent time, it has been hard for any DJ to play a set without at least playing one Showtek track.

Diplo 'Revolution' featuring Faustix & Imanos and Kai (Remixes) Review

If 'Express Yourself' instigator and Major Lazer group member Diplo is the leader of this upside down, twerkin' it on a handstand revolution, then the four names chosen for the 'Revolution' (Remixes) are his second's in command. Out now via Mad Decent, each of the included remixes adds to and improves the dynamic stadium sound of the original, all the while making sure to maintain the lofty vocal work Kai has laid out as the guiding voice of the title track to Diplo's previously released Revolution EP.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere: A Review

The season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead left us anxious, shocked, and a little bit grossed out. The show opens on a handsomely scruffy Rick tending to his makeshift farm on the prison grounds- with the epic background of a herd of zombies clawing at the fence. This zombies this season seem even more disgusting and bloodier (spoiler alert) than usual.

Rick decides to take a stroll through the woods to check on his meat traps, and it ends up being the creepiest walk he's ever taken. He encounters what seems to be just another walker scrounging for meat. Until she turns around and she starts talking to him! Yes, our mouths literally dropped when I heard her too! Since when do zombies talk?!

"Hold On We're Going Home" Music Video

Drake links up with director Bill Pope, to make a video for his single "Hold On We're Going Home". A$AP Rocky joins him on screen as part of a 1985 gangster version of the present-time rap posse. With a Miami Vice feel, this video gets real violent really fast, as Drake is going all out to rescue his girl. The contrast between the song and the video works really well, as the visuals were wonderfully filmed and put together.

Drake's third studio album, Nothing Was The Same, is available now on iTunes and at retail music stores everywhere. Go read our review of the album.

Album Review: Drake, Nothing was the Same

Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake, is set to release his third album next Tuesday, September 24. Going along with his progression title theme (Thank Me Later & Take Care), Nothing Was The Same follows the tale that Drake has been telling since the beginning of his rap career – the life of Aubrey "Drake" Graham. With the unveiling of the ambiguous album cover, fans didn’t know what to expect from this one. Not to worry though, this album offers the Drake that we have grown to know and love. Known for being very open about his life in his music, Drake does not fail to do so in this album. But it isn’t his story that captivates listeners, as anyone can tell their life story, but instead it's the way that he tells it. His lyrics in this album are top notch along with his delivery and flow that only seem to get better and better with each album.

Review: Super8 and Tab @ Webster Hall

Upon arrival to Webster Hall there were many floors to choose from, all of which were playing different music. There was the BASSMENT featuring heaving dubstep/trap, the main floor playing top 40 and classics, and on the third floor was the Finnish trance duo Super8 and Tab.

Once you stepped on the floor and walked to their set, a wave of difference could be felt in terms of the crowd compared to the rest of the venue. The Brite Nites floor was flowing with a sea of ravers and music lovers bopping and and waving to the trance tracks of Super8 and Tab. They have a sound reminiscent to the Swedish house acts like Alesso or Sebastian Ingrosso. But the pair has a unique sound all their own, with melodies that lead to epic climaxes and reach beautiful drops. One recognizable song was "The Way You Want," featured in our interview with the duo. The song sounded incredible live, as it blasted through the massive speakers Webster Hall had provided them. The excited crowd was stomping and dancing throughout the entire set--which was close to four hours long. Without a doubt, Super8 & Tab know how to put on a show, and are destined to stardom if they continue on this route.

Chef Paula da Silva Offers New Seasonal Dishes at 1500º

Chef Paula da Silva of 1500º in the Eden Roc has been one South Florida chef who has been on the forefront of the farm-to-table concept since the restaurant opened a few years ago. Bringing diners the freshest and most local products available, Chef Paula also has a way of blending these ingredients in ways that can sometimes surprise and at other times conjure memories of enjoying grandma’s (or abuela’s) comfort food. There always seems to be an innovative twist to everything she puts on the menu, and this innovation has garnered the attention of Esquire magazine in 2011, which named 1500º one of the best new restaurants in America that year. Ever since then, we have been enjoying some of her menu staples like a perfectly roasted half chicken, meltingly tender pork belly tacos, and perhaps one of the silkiest octopus tentacles to be had in Miami. Last month, Chef Paula introduced some new seasonal items to the menu that continue to demonstrate her ability to expertly source and prepare local produce, as well as showing off some new techniques and new ingredients.

Big City Tavern Offers More Than You'd Expect

I love this DIY craze that’s been hitting the American food scene! With all the attention that consumers are placing on where things come from and how they’re made, it seems as if many individuals have resorted to the notion that the best way to know the exact what, where, and how of a product is to make it yourself. In addition to controlling such things as the quality and sustainability of the food, making it yourself gives you full reign over the flavor and appearance of a finished product, as well as enabling you to add your own unique flourishes. The DIY revolution doesn’t seem to be merely confined to the home, however, as many chefs are finding more and more items that they can make from scratch, attempting everything from jams, pickles, condiments, and even cured meats...and they don’t seem to be turning back. I am so glad to see that, along with sourcing local products, the trend of making things in house is on the rise in South Florida and can be found a lot closer than I had previously thought. Big City Tavern, on the bustling Las Olas Boulevard, has always been a popular spot for good, informal meals and a convivial vibe, but I have often overlooked this restaurant as a mere purveyor of standard pub fare until a recent meal led me to discover otherwise. Local meat and produce coupled with excellently cured house-made charcuterie, along with a delicious array of homey desserts make Big City Tavern perhaps one of Fort Lauderdale’s best “right-under-our-noses” culinary secrets.

Dim Sum Brunch at BLOOM Wynwood

I had once written an article for my college newspaper about how dim sum would replace sushi as the new trendy Asian thing to eat, and how sushi had become so played out that it has become pedestrian and unexciting. While dim sum has become increasingly popular and better known than it was nearly a decade ago, it has yet to catch up with sushi in the trendy department, which is why we have yet to see “dim sum bars” dotting every block of South Beach. Dim sum is delicious and sophisticated in its own right, but whereas sushi seems to be in a constant state of innovative reinvention, dim sum selections manage to remain pretty consistent to what they have been for decades...if not centuries. Furthermore, some of the best places to enjoy this Cantonese breakfast/brunch tradition can offer very little in terms of ambiance, and even the nicer ones are not what one would consider to be “design forward”. Such factors have never been deterrents for serious foodies, but a recent dim sum brunch at BLOOM in Wynwood is showing that dim sum is starting to break the mold in Miami, becoming sleek, modern, and quite cosmopolitan.

OTC Will Be Your New Foodie Hangout

When I went to Paris for the first time, I was most looking forward to eating, and people warned me that the portions would be a lot smaller than they were in the United States. I wasn’t terribly concerned about that detail, and what I found out after dining in Paris was that despite the smaller portions, the food was so flavorful that I left each restaurant satisfied but not stuffed. French cuisine has a reputation for being rich, but French people have a reputation for being least thinner than Americans. The reason being, I discovered, is that they eat good food in moderation, and trying to find good food in moderation stateside can prove to be a challenge in a country that loves overabundance and has industrialized food to the point that it has lost much of its original flavor. Meals that have the same effect as those I enjoyed in Paris are usually reserved almost exclusively to haute cuisine, but that seems to be changing as eateries like OTC in Brickell make a very European concept of dining something that can be enjoyed at least once a week, if not every day. While the menu is very American in character, a meal at OTC ended with the same afterglow I experienced while dining in Paris.