Aloha Alcoholics! NYC's Best Tropical Bars: Part II

Start your Fall with a tropical bang and pretend that it's still Summer while you can. Hit up some of the city's best tropical bars to ease the seasonal transition. Here's a list of some of our favorites.

Riff Raff's

Check out The Hurricane Club's recent undeground attachment, Riff Raff's. Enjoy an upscale crowd in a tropical and festive environment. Expect to leave with a little more make-up than you came in with, as the waitresses are known to apply face paint to those who venture to the tiki and jungle-themed paradise. Shake off those extra calories that their delicious cocktails or punch bowls carry by joining in the conga line at 3 a.m.

A Subterranean Escape

The recent opening of SGTs in the Lower East Side just adds to the slew of basement bars that have been infiltrating city nightlife in the past few months. With the spring and summer months quickly approaching (well, more sporadically, considering the drastic temperature changes that occur in 24 hours...), one would think bar owners would be looking more towards rooftops and beer gardens. But we all know how real New Yorkers love their hidden gems. Some of the new and exclusives (and a couple old-school dives, for the low-key nights):

Mister H: Upon entering the speakeasy-style lounge in the new Mondrian SoHo Hotel, a lighted sign assures patrons that "this is not a brothel. there are no prostitutes at this address." Prepare yourself for a fairytale of sorts: Mr. H (the H standing for Hung) is what Armin Amiri pictures as Humphrey Bogart's spot of choice for a nightcap. 150 Lafayette St., 212.389.1000