Lea Michele with Terry Richardson!

While we were frolicking around eating brunch and getting over hangovers this Sunday...Miss Lea Michele was getting racy, raunchy and well, Terry Richardson model-esque in this photo-shoot for V magazine. The songstress and actress showed us some really risqué and raunchy photos with the notorious photographer...

Michele sneaks a preview of herself wearing limited clothing in raunchy positions including her legs wide open. Photographer Richardson has been taking media boosting photos of the hottest pop culture celebs and the controversial style doesn't seem to be dying down.

Angelina Lavo: The Princess & The Gangsta

Angelina Lavo, singing sensation from Russia, has made her way to the United States, becoming a big hit on YouTube. On April 18th, Angelina launched her debut EP album, Risque, at The Salon at Hudson Terrace. Her EP was produced by Grammy winner, Omen and features artists such as hip hop singer Twista, songwriter Jillian Gottlieb, and producer Lu Diaz. Her launch party was sponsored by Boutique Artists, Star Vodka, Legend of Kremlin Vodka, Omen, and other music industry execs. We got the chance to check out her performance at Hudson Terrace and chat with her about her blossoming career. See what this Russian babe has to say!

Evil Olive Takes You to the Dark Side

The potentially seedy Wicker Park late-night hotspot is known all around for its exhibition of local talent and utilization of world-renowned performers. The dimly lit venue has a huge dance floor, two stories, a number of bars, a disco ball, glowing tables, and a dozen televisions… streaming porn. The blush-worthy, risqué and surreal environment is one of the most desired hotspots in area of Chicago.

Smoke machines churn out thick clouds, filling the entire nightclub with a tornado of exhaust. The cloaked atmosphere makes it the ideal location for evenings that are filled cloudy judgment. The establishment, which plays amazing music for hours on in (mostly hip hop, pop and rock), has its downfalls: confused bartenders, expensive drinks, crowded at the entry, $10 cover charge, and hardcore pornography on the screens above.

NJ's Flirt Sushi Serves Sex on a Platter

Picture this.

You stroll past the small-town main strip behind Allendale’s restaurants and shops. You approach the entrance way of Flirt Sushi, expecting to find a standard and customary sushi house at first glance.

From the outside, you do. However, step inside and take one look at the menu's Mi-So Horny Soup offering, and you quickly realize: this is not your average sushi spot.

While Flirt Sushi certainly has all you need for a sushi dinner out, owner and creator Marko Radisic has, well, sexed it up a bit.

Robin Antin & The Caesars Palace Shuffle

Not even a month after it was confirmed that Matt Goss would make the move from the Palms to Caesars Palace, it was announced that the Pussycat Dolls would be leaving Pure in Caesars heading over to Paris.