Help Heal New York

In a major relief effort to give back after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Pacha New York and RPM are proud to announce “Help Heal New York,” a benefit for the storm’s victims with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Greater New York Red Cross and other local charities. This unique night of music will take place at Pacha this Wednesday, Nov. 14th and will be hosting a monstrous roster of over 50 DJs featuring both international and local stars.

Just announced today was Erick Morillo and Afrojack as additions to the solid line up. Morillo, who is a New Jersey native and co-owner and chairman of the board for Pacha, said in a statement: “I have so much love for New York and New Jersey and it was devastating to see the effect the storm had on our local communities. I jumped at the chance to get involved in such a good cause and would like to thank the international dance community for coming together to help get our area back on their feet.”

The Week in Festivity

Weekends pass all too fast. Enamored within the momentary veneer of freedom, precious hours trickle through the cracks of our fingers like diamonds—leavings us barren, ragged, and downtrodden come the executioner’s call of Monday morning. Our proletarian grind leaves little to the imagination—essentially disillusion incarnate—thus, to soar beyond these insipid lots, we must continually push the boundaries of temperance and decency.

By seeking the cavernous expanses nestled within the night—the zeitgeists, the myriad sounds, the kindred souls seeking connection—only then is rejuvenation truly possible. In the tireless war against the corroding taint of ennui and listlessness, a proactive approach to revelry is the only salvation.

The Maestros of Revelry: Pioneers of NYC Nightlife

History is oft dictated by a few great men—great not always in character, but in their capacity to shape the world around them. As epicenter of the nightlife universe, NYC’s shadowy godfathers of the night are of particular interest. As the minds behind the most successful, exclusive, and profitable clubs of their respective eras, these pioneers have almost single-handedly revolutionized the game.

Spanning the debaucherous, gilded '20s of the Jazz Age, to the current EDM-fueled bacchanals, the men behind the curtain have conceptualized nightlife into the brand it currently is. By marketing exclusivity, affluence, popular music, and atmosphere, these 5 men elevated revelry into an art form—of which they are the maestros.

How to Succeed in Nightlife: Exclusive Interview with Rob Fernandez

Although Rob Fernandez may not yet be a household name, it's almost guaranteed that every DJ, producer, club owner, and club goer in New York City does. For the past two decades, Fernandez has been working his way up the nightlife networking ladder to become one of the biggest nightlife industry professionals in the city, helping to bring dance music to new levels with every event he touches. Rob Promotions, his company, is synonymous with NYC dance music mecca Pacha NYC, Dance.Here.Now and Asseteria. Not only does Rob have his fingers in most NYC noteworthy events, but most weekly parties including consistent impressive line-ups at Dance.Here.Now Thursday's hosted at Meatpacking District venue Cielo Club.

Dance.Here.Now Festival in New York City

Dance. Here. This Weekend. With the 4th of July and a three day weekend ahead, New Yorkers can enjoy some of the best DJs in the business without sitting in treacherous holiday traffic. The Dance.Here.Now. Festival will be held July 1st-4th on the 172-acre grounds of Governor’s Island. Popular NYC promoters Rob Fernandez and Benny Soto teamed up with the city’s dance music big-wigs such as Pacha New York, Cielo, Massive Event, AG Light and Sound, and Glo Friday to bring their brain-child to life, showcasing various genres of electronic dance music from deep house to uplifting trance at the first ever Dance. Here. Now. Festival.