Williamsburg Adventures

Okay so we know Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg is swarming with good food and lots of people. Not to mention Smorgasburg on Saturdays, which is one of our favorite places to go; but there is also so much to try beyond where the huge crowds are. We decided to route a foodie adventure for you and we recommend renting some bicycles for some light biking in between so you can burn a few calories and really enjoy the day. You can rent bikes for $35 per day, including the helmet, at Bike Peddler near the Lorimer stop on the L train.

Madison Square Eats

Fall is finally descending upon us and of course, New York is filled with diverse and fun occasions to enjoy. One hap you probabaly won't be able to dismiss is the fall series of Madison Square Eats. The food stands will take over the Worth Square Area just west of Madison Square Park (on 24th and 5th Avenue). Grab some toothsome bites from notable restaurants around the city which include Roberta's, Charlito's Cocina, Florish Baking Company, Bar Suzette and many more. The vendors will be serving food daily from 11am-9pm starting this Friday, Sept. 21st and running through Oct. 19th.

Masten Lake Wows Williamsburg

Masten Lake replaces Savalas on Bedford Avenue. Brooklynites, start judging. This controversial restaurant that moved in on July 20th, after the well known and loved bar closed down, would be easy to hate, if it wasn't serving some of the best food in the boroughs. While regulars and neighbors mourn the loss of their local watering hole, others are impressed with Chef Angelo Romano's (formerly of Roberta's, Lupa) take on cold, hot, pasta, and protein.

The menu (divided into such categories mentioned above) reads like a periodic table of delicious.The cold options include shiny mackeral, served crudo-style with juicy nectarines and crunchy almonds. Under the hot category, one has difficulty choosing between the rock shrimp with black garlic, or the fancy schmancy Hon Shimeji mushrooms dotted with salmon roe and puffs of ricotta. This is just the beginning. The real deal to-die-for food orgasm moment is coming in the form of Masten Lake's pici: a housemade pasta similar to bucatini served with creamy burrata in a prawn broth sprinkled with oregano. Other pastas are offered, but don't bother. And while it's hard to top the pici, the protein section doesn't dissapoint. The duck breast with farro, plums, and duck egg is hearty but austere and truly reflects, "farm-to-table" essence. Dessert offerings are transient but homemade gelato and sorbet are always on the menu as well as three different artisinal cheeses.

Beer Drinker's Digest

What is the unifying concept that ties all humanity together? Some call it love. Others call it karma. Those in the know simply call it beer. If you are a member of that special 3rd group, then this next week is bound to fill you with absolute bliss.

First off, tonight at the excellent excuse to play 20+ year old arcade games and drink beer known as Barcade, come try beers from the exotic section of our great nation known as the Midwest. I know what you're saying, "Isn't there enough Midwestern influence in Williamsburg already?" Probably so. But this is beer we're talking about - beer that you can't normally find anywhere in New York. Look forward to sampling award winning brews such as Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Kuhnhenn Fifth Dementia Very Old Ale, and whatever the geniuses at Founders brewery have been cooking through the long Michigan winter. Special beer prices will range from $5 to $7.

Brooklyn Grange and Bobo Present a Winter Cocktail Party

As winter begins to take hold of our fair city and the color green recedes into memory, spring could not seem farther away. For the folks at the Brooklyn Grange though, spring is all they’re thinking about. You would imagine that slinging delicious pizzas at Roberta’s would be enough to keep this agrarian minded crew of foodies occupied and out of the cold. Not likely. They’re already hard at work preparing to open a brand new one acre rooftop farm in Brooklyn. That’s right, an acre of farmland on a roof. In Brooklyn. It’s gonna happen.