Are You Ready For A New Technique?

Sean Paul is fresh from the One Love Peace Festival Summer tour that saw him through Portugal, Rome, Naples, Cape Verde, Germany, London, Bristol, South Cyprus, Canada and the non-stop party island of Ibiza. Not content to rest on his laurels, Sean Paul is set to begin touring in support of his fifth studio album, Tomahawk Technique, in December in the United States and across Europe.

Armed with a new look and energized passion for music, the past year has produced a creative outburst from Sean. This is seen through his emergence as a producer, in which he helmed the track "Roll Wid di Don." Also, working with artists like Cecile, Tami Chynn, Mr. Vega, and Wayne Marshall on his critically acclaimed Riddim album "Blaze Fia," and the follow up album "Material" has been matched by a stream of new music and collaborations with artists including Pitbull, T-Pain, Ludacris, Bob Sinclair, CongoRock, Mya and Kelly Rowland.

PizzArte Serves Up Italian Like No Other

Most New Yorkers claim they know the best pizza joint in town. But tell your fave hub to move on over because recently opened PizzArte will surely give it a run for its money.

Step into this modern Italian resto unlike any other. Forget the red checkered table cloths, forget the dim lighting and noisy children -- this hot new spot is not clinging on to the same ol' Italian restaurant theme. Instead, owners Bruno Cilio and Dario Cipollaro de l'Ero (first time restaraunteurs) opted to decorate with mod tables and lights and walls covered in great Italian artwork (perfect, since it's situated just footsteps away from the MoMA). The artists that are currently being displayed there are Lello Esposito, Luciano Scateni, Giuseppe Falconi and Francesco Manes, all of whom are from Naples. The artwork will rotate every four to six months.

Have a little taste of Danger Mouse Daniele Luppi common project : Rome

Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi have finished their common project called Rome. It took them five years to record the fifteen songs of the record. They tried to get close to the ambiance you have in Western Spaghetti movies.

Ennio Morricone was a major source of inspiration. Jack White and Norah Jones also contributed to this project. Danger Mouse always does great work, this should be good.

Tracklist :

1) Theme Of Rome
2) The Rose With The Broken Neck
3) Morning Fog (interlude)
4) Season's Trees
5) Her Hollow Ways (interlude)
6) Roman Blue
7) Two Against One
8) The Gambling Priest
9) The World (interlude)
10) Black
11) The Matador Has Fallen
12) Morning Fog
13) Problem Queen
14) Her Hollow Ways
15) The World

Phoenix lets Miami in

Phoenix is a band that has fun whilst performing. That was the overview of most fans who, by the end of the show, wound up on stage with the French group in a glorious dance-off at the Fillmore last night.

It was the first visit for the 13-year-strong-Phoenix, who opened the show with their crowd pleaser pop hit "Lizstomania" and immediately got the crowd moving; they had come to entertain their American fans in the first show of their U.S. tour.

Hailing from Paris, France, this French quartet composed by singer Thomas Mars, guitarists Laurent Brancowitz, Christian Mazzalai, and bassist Deck D'Arcy went through a gradual process to get attention from the music world.

Ci Vediamo Oggi!

Il Capriccio On Vermont
1757 N. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 662-5900

The summer going into my senior year of college, I went to Rome, Italy with my university. While two and a half months in Italy is hardly the experience that a whole semester was, I still wouldn't trade that summer for anything. I may be bias. My last name is, in fact, Intrieri but no other country lives life to the fullest quite like Italians do.

Live Life At Miami's Casa Tua

In the essence of a traditional Italian Villa, Miami's Casa Tua provides tri-fold pampered luxury complete with hotel, restaurant and nightclub. As is traditional, Italians pride themselves in treating their guests like family and Casa Tua is no exception. As guests approach the Tuscan style façade, native foliage and secluded staterooms greet travelers with simple, yet elegant charm and character. The hotel manifests itself into a world-famous oasis with rooms starting at upwards of $400 per night depending upon season and type of suite. For the deep-pocketed traveler, Casa Tua can easily embrace you in simplistic style while adjoining Miami fashion with Old World charisma.