Get Your Music On: DJ Edition
Sevigny, Khan, and Campanaro Present Kenmare

98 Kenmare St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 274-9898

After months and months of wild speculation following the much moaned over demise of the inimitable Beatrice Inn, Paul Sevigny has finally unveiled Kenmare, his latest entry into the New York nightlife race. And that is the last bad horse joke in this piece, promise. This time around Sevigny has joined forces with Little Owl chef Joey Campanaro to provide a menu of suitably tasty, presumably New American cuisine and harnessed the inspiration of Nur Khan, the man behind the utterly erstklassig lounge known as Rose Bar. Sounds exciting, no?

Interview: DJs Claudine DeSola and Micprobes Talk Music and Fashion

After 10 years of booking the hottest DJs for the hundreds of parties and events she has planned, Claudine DeSola's passion for music has manifested in an extraordinary way. We are lucky enough to host Claudine DeSola's first DJ Performance at Joonbug's Fashion Week Gala, this Saturday, February 13th. There, she will present her fashion inspired playlist, which she comprised by asking top designers such as YEOHLEE and Adam Lippes, what music sparks their creativity when designing their collection. Claudine's exclusive 30 minute set called "Inspiration Played" will appear on and after its premiere at Joonbug's Fashion Week Party.

Model Mayhem

I got to thinking last night: A model friend is like an expensive handbag in nightlife. Now mind you, at this point “thinking” was fueled by one too many tequila shots and stale pizza crust I ripped away from a passing stranger; but alas, I think I was on to something. People in nightlife tote around models like they have hair made of silk and vaginas made of gold. One of my promoter friends told me his boss sends him text messages daily that say, “Models. Models. Models… Go! Go! Go!” to pump him up for a night’s work of promoting at a hot new spot. These promoters make livings off lining their couches with leggy fresh meat straight off the farm, and keeping their tummies full of free dinners they don’t eat and vodka they don’t need.

Fashion Week & Still Recovering… OUCH!

Fashion Week

Fashion Week started out as a tropical depression and soon escalated into a category four hurricane. A deluge of shows, events and parties poured down on the city, its' inhabitants and visitors drowning some of us, while others fled to the safety of their favorite haunts or low key hideouts - secretly wanting to challenge the onslaught of the storm that is Fashion Week.

I, for one, opted for the challenge and fought on through, only to pay the price of a two day hangover and a loss of 8% body mass. The lack of sleep and juggling of work, fashion and fun caught up to me late Friday night (actually early Saturday morning). After an amazing dinner and party at Cipriani we ran over to Rose Bar then to 1 Oak (Richie’s week early Bday party) and finally to a friends loft in Soho, and then back to my place with friends - OUCH!!!