Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is in full force ! But don't give up your sense of style so you don't slip and slide down your drive with our top picks in snow boots (also don't sacrifice your not broken bones by putting a fashionable foot forward in heels....)

Remember when buying snow boots to pick something that is comfortable , easy to wear (neutrals go with everything!) and preferably lined to keep your toes nice and warm !

Although, you really only need to wear your boots for one season - think of them as an investment! Nothing is worse than freezing snow leaking into the hole in your boots. (The worst is when the sole cracks... puddle on the path is an ocean inside your boot!)

The Hottest Swimwear Styles
Be Surfer-Chic in Diane Von Fürstenberg for ROXY

Diane Von Fürstenberg’s new collaboration with ROXY is set to launch just in time for spring break! Being released online and in stores on March 7th, the surfer-chic collab between the high-profile designer and the Huntington Beach, CA.-based apparel line is a celebration of natural beauty and confidence. All pieces “reflect Diana Von Fürstenberg’s love of beach culture and nature as well as ROXY’s active and trailblazing spirit.” By combining DVF’s fun, bold prints with ROXY’s signature swim silhouettes the line is playful and empowering. Designed “for women who want to be the women they want to be” the collection includes ROXY’s beach essentials such as swimwear, cover-ups, board shorts, rash guards, and beach bags. For the most part, the bikini separates can be mixed and matched to create a bikini that’s perfect for your body type and style sense. We especially love the pastel tribal print of the Hopscotch Multi bikini with Knotted Bandeau Top! (top: $54, bottom: $46)

5 Fashionable Beach Attire Must-Haves

Prepping for a day at the beach should be easy and worry-free. All you really need are the essentials to ensure a fun-filled day. This includes cool hats, a great beach bag, a swimsuit you’re comfortable in, and a big cozy towel to dry off with. We’ve rounded up a few unique pieces that will make you the most stylish gal on the shore or pool deck.

Weekend Fedora HAT ATTACK

It goes without saying, but as much as we yearn for the sun, we need to protect ourselves from it as best as we can. Lucky for us, there are several ways to stay sun-safe and remain stylish. Take this classic straw fedora for example, which features a distressed, striped cotton ribbon. Not only is it cute, but it will also keep those highlights looking fresh all summer long.

I Am Winter, Hear Me Roar

Boy have we had some tough brutal winter days lately; and it's only the beginning. If you're one of the many who are throwing the towel in to this unbelievable wind chill, please continue reading. Walking to the train from your cozy warm house can leave you with the impact of a person living in Antarctica. Since when has New York weather decided to turn its back on us? It's very clear. Your basic pea coat is simply not going to cut it this winter! So here are few options for when you need that extra warmth!

Cozy Knits for the Holidays

Happy Holidays, everyone! With Christmas rapidly approaching, what will you be wearing this holiday season? Now that winter has arrived, adding comfy layers of clothing should be on your Christmas list! Here are a few knit pieces we love.

The Roxy Cozy Up scarf is perfect for this cold brisk weather. Forget that thin sleek silk scarf you purchased last month, the double dare provides the comfort and warmth that is much needed when the temperature drops below 40. Not only is the double dare just as cute as the buttons on its sleeves but it is also affordable. Perfect for the shopper on a budget!

Get the Look: Street Style

Wondering what's new hot and chic in the streets right now? No need to question, we've got all you've been searching for. Now that fashion week is officially over and the season is about to change, everyone is on a constant hiatus as to what is trendy right now. As the saying goes, just be yourself! All over the world, whether male or female, people have begun to step out of their shell and into the streets looking as if they've just stepped off the runway. Here are the basics; drastic, simple, sophisticated or even sexy - how you style your look to make it your own is up to you!

Nadine Loren Naked in the 80's

Usually standing next to a speaker at a concert means partial deafness, a marginal headache and on some occasions, a period of unrecalled events due to a blackout. Standing next to the speakers at the album release party for Nadine Loren meant something entirely different. Instead of the rhythmic bass thumping and eardrum piercing major notes on an electric guitar, I was greeted with melodic conga drums, bass solos and interlacing piano chords.

Generally known for her opera trained vocals, well traveled background, and genuinely unique covers, Nadine Loren combines all of these exquisite characteristics into an elegant package she calls Naked 80’s. Naked 80’s is Nadine’s follow up album to, Living in Wonderland. In this sophomore album, Nadine strips down (song wise, for you wise guys), each of her favorite 80’s songs. Nadine and her infamous producer Peter Asher, take apart layer after layer of synthesized drum machines, keyboards, guitar work and 12-bit sound bites to deliver a more organic and uniquely rich experience of our favorite 80’s songs.

The Legend of the Green Children

Legend has it that the Green Children of Woolpit first appeared in the small village of Suffolk, England, around the 12th century. The children, a brother and sister duo, from a place called St Martin’s Land; were legendarily known for their green skin, enchanting ethereal language, terrestrial clothing and incessant love of green beans. These bewitching children were found just outside a barn and were unable to account for their arrival. The locals of Woolpit took in the enigmatic pair and the children eventually adapted to the normalcy of being human. The twosome went on to learn English, lose their mesmeric green skin tone and began eating normal food. The legend of The Green Children becomes less than enchanting and far more mundane after that.

An Update of how Boston Grooves, via Jeff Gil