Celebrate Navy Day with Sailor Jerry Rum Cocktails

Saturday, October 27th, marks Navy Day, so we raise our fully filled glasses to celebrate our brave men who have served in the Navy. Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins, after whom the rum is named, joined the army at the age of 19, went on to become a famous tattoo artist, and his company created one of the tastiest rums-- Sailor Jerry. In order to properly celebrate, here are some delicious cocktail recipes to get you in the American spirit.

1.5 oz. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

1 oz. mango juice

1 oz. orange juice

topped with wheat beer

angostura bitters

Add rum to bottom of beer pint. Add juice and top with beer and a dash of angostura bitters.

Free July 4th Pig Roast

Summer time is considered barbecue time, but even if you're not a huge grill enthusiast, it's almost a patriotic requirement to have some sort of grilled or barbecued food on the Fourth of July to celebrate our country's independence. Brother Jimmy's Barbecue based in New York City, is planning on moving down to the sunshine state soon, and to celebrate its upcoming opening and Independence day, the barbecue eatery is teaming up with Sailor Jerry Rum to bring Miamians a free southern-style barbecue fest. Revelers can enjoy a complimentary pig roast along with rum cocktails like the Backyard Tea and Rockabilly Lemonade in front of Brother Jimmy's future Brickell home, which promises to open later in July.

Lindsay Lohan Reportedly a 'Mean Girl'

A Minnesota woman attempting to obtain a restraining order against La Lohan last week has had her request denied.

Kathryn Marie Hinich claimed the actress was part of an elaborate "conspiracy" to kill her, and that LiLo had "hired a hit man." Hinich asked a judge to ban Lohan from coming in contact with her (because she obviously is in danger...)

The judge should have sent this woman to the loony bin, I'm sure Lindsay has many more alcoholic beverages things to do with her time then follow you around Minnesota.